Poetry Friday – come lately

I was busy and missed last week’s Poetry Friday round – but I loved the Me Poem challenge on Michelle’s blog… so much so that I wrote, not one, but two.


Me in Grade Three

Kat in Yr 4 - marching with Yr 7s.

Kat (the tall one playing the recorder) in Yr 4 – marching up back with Yr 7s in the school band.

in Grade Three –
marching with the
Grade Seven girls
as we form rows
from tallest
to shortest,
a wave of girls
in house colour
marching past
left, left, left-right-left,
tallest to shortest
and up near the front
is me –
in Grade Three.


Michelle’s poem for the day was Dear Dog – referencing a scary encounter she had as a child. It prompted this…

Scared of Cows - a poem

I suspect that’s why this farm-girl-born-and-bred-and-married-to-a-grazier is so scared of cows.

To read last week’s Poetry Friday posts, pop across to Today’s Little Ditty for the round-up.



  1. Thanks so much for taking part in this month’s DMC challenge, Kat! I feel for your younger self in both of these poems… though I suppose you weren’t actually in danger of being *trampled* by the year seven boys and girls, it’s never easy being the one who’s different. (PS, thanks also for finding me on Twitter and letting me know the shortcut on my blog isn’t working!)


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