Seeds of Hope

Even before I realised that today is World Poetry Day, I’d been working on a shape poem, my verse novel, a new poetry workshop activity and I’d been frustrated by the failure to write a quick (yet meaningful) golden shovel poem for Michelle Heidenrich Barnes’ little ditty challenge.

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An Eye for Beauty

This month Michelle Heidenrich Barnes has the spotlight on Carol Hinz, Editorial Director of Millbrook Press and Carolrhoda Books, divisions of Lerner Publishing Group.

Poetry and lyrical language can help to take a nonfiction topic that might not be inherently interesting to certain kids (or adults) and offer them new ways to understand and appreciate it.

I recommend you skip across for a read, because it’s in-depth, insightful and inspiring. Thank-you so much to Michelle and Carol for sharing.

The challenge for the month on Today’s Little Ditty (as a result of that post) is; write a poem that finds beauty in something that is not usually considered beautiful.

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After the rain the summer night rings with a cacophonous chorus of courting creatures – but it was only recently that I learnt that the particularly mellow/melodic burble that both delights and drives me a little crazy (keeping me wired when I’m trying to relax into sleep…) is … the invasive cane toad! And who knew, until peeping at this pic, that toads have such a jewel of an eye? An eye for beauty? In the eye of the beholder?

I also didn’t know, until recently, that America shares Australia’s problem with the cane toad, following it’s introduction (there too) for control of cane beetles. And here I thought we were alone in that silly mistake.

Jane the Raincity Librarian will be singing her own sweet songs this week, hosting the Poetry Friday round-up and celebrating the recent release of her picture book, ‘Wild One’.






Whirlwind Week of Wonderful

Today is Friday – which makes it a poetry day! … After a whole WEEK of wonderful poetry days!! You can catch the link-up at Reflections on the Teche, where Margaret is hosting us this week. Thank-you Margaret. 🙂

Last night I arrived home from an author tour in and around Melbourne – and I had a blast! Talk about eyes opened. That is one HUGE city! But I covered north and south and centre in a wonderful crammed week of school visits, bookshop workshop, kidlit conference, networking, research, friending and just the teensy-tiniest smidgen of sleeping!

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Ode to a Toothpick

Thanks to Michelle Heidenrich Barnes and Helen Frost, today I am writing an ode to an ordinary object I know … too well. The poem is in response to Today’s Little Ditty’s monthly challenge, where Helen encouraged us to;

Choose an object (a seashell, a hairbrush, a bird nest, a rolling pin). Write five lines about the object, using a different sense in each line (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell). Then ask the object a question, listen for its answer, and write the question, the answer, or both.

Ode to a Toothpick

You made your point
with woody twangs,
divulging a taste of recent indulgences,
your slim figure never gaining an ounce.
Were you pining for the fragrance of the forest
when you planted your
slither of splinter deep in my gums
for near a week?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had a rather pointed jab from a toothpick…?

Today’s Poetry Friday is at Robyn Hood Black’s, Life on the Deckle Edge. Definitely worth a visit! Thanks, Robyn.