Seeds of Hope

Even before I realised that today is World Poetry Day, I’d been working on a shape poem, my verse novel, a new poetry workshop activity and I’d been frustrated by the failure to write a quick (yet meaningful) golden shovel poem for Michelle Heidenrich Barnes’ little ditty challenge.

I have recently fallen in love with the golden shovel, and written – no, crafted(!) – a couple for my Antarctic verse novel WIP. (I’m mighty chuffed with those, working fact into form!) Anyway, with moments to go before WPD closes in Australia, I did manage a short poem for Michelle’s challenge. I wrote it thinking of cruel words – but in coming up with a title, it ended up as a positive little poem. I guess that’s the power of words – they can be used for hope, or harm.
Yes, there is a reason the last word on each line is highlighted. Intrigued? Read more, here; Golden Shovel Ditty Challenge
Sometimes you have to ‘give up’ to get the good words. (And sometimes you have to keep plugging away. :P)

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