Crafty Linda’s Poetry Swap!

Poetry Swap is a delight all over again!

It went like this… This year I have been scrambling to make the PoetryFriday posts – but fortunately, I looped in for the PoetrySwap sign-in. Getting Linda Mitchell’s name was a double-delight… because not only is she one of the most encouraging people you are ever likely to meet – in getting her address to send her parcel, I realised that she is very near an area I will be visiting in November, as part of a UBAM (Usborne Books and More) visit. (Which is just another thing that I’m delighted/excited about!! Talking poetry. And ‘Bully on the Bus’ – and taking the bus ON THE ROAD in America!!😍) So not only did I find my PoetrySwap buddy, but I also was able to start some secret-squirrel chatter about meeting this lovely lady in real life!

I started scouring Linda’s website for poetry inspiration … and discovered vibrant, cheery collages scattered throughout. They were gorgeous! And I had missed them – being out of the PoetryFriday loop. I couldn’t see what had prompted them. (Believe me, I looked!!) But I loved them – thought to try and work a collage into the background of my poem for Linda.

I set to work, mining words and phrases from Linda’s blog, from which to craft my poem.

My poem eventually done, I then started playing with collage for the background, but alas, I don’t have the knack like Linda does, and I wasn’t happy with my efforts. I sorted out my first poem with a photographic background, then decided to write a new poem, making pictures with my words, instead. Nothing like Linda’s collages, but visual… (Turns out I wrote a lot of poems for Linda.😂)

My first PoetrySwap parcel arrived when I was away for a week of poetry workshops with the Ipswich Council – as a part of the Ipswich Poetry Feast. My husband told me it was from Linda Mitchell which made me smile – that we were gifting to each other. The serendipitous synchronicity of God’s perfect timing!

When I arrived home and opened the gift, I was delighted. It was a work of art. It felt like precious treasure – and each page I turned (they crunchy-crinkle) revealed new delights. And then I saw them…

The boats. From Linda’s blog. Her recycled art. That I had loved. My gift!

I don’t think it’s possible anyone could have appreciated Linda’s gift more! It is pure delight.

These vibrant thongs, which I’d spied (and loved!) on Linda’s blog! (You may call them flip-flops?)

There was poetry… of course!

Thank-you Linda, for crafting a gift that will give bounteous joy.


If you like poetry – or just being surprised by joy – then pop across to Tabatha’s blog and get yourself on the mailing list so you can join in future swaps. You will be delighted!

To see more of Linda’s work, skip across to her blog, and you’ll find recycled artwork featured in my journal.

To join me in the PoetryFriday blog-hop, click across to Buffy’s Blog – where I am sure you will find critters… and creative peeps!

Have an awesome week!


  1. Linda has really outdone herself! What a wonderful swap gift! Those socks on the clothes line really do it for me, and I also love the flip flops. (I may love them even more because you call them thongs! lol) My favorite thing is that Linda’s gift invites you to write and offers both prompts and a “home” for new poems.

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    • I’m just glad there are little flaps that I can poke poems in – because for sure I won’t write them in – even on the journal page! A found poem can find a home there. (I’m sad we’re losing lots of our Aussie words. I grew up with bickies and butterfly/fairy cakes. Now we hear lots of cookies and cupcakes. But we’re hanging tight to our thongs!!🙃)

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    • Irene, I’m working on one now…but I wouldn’t even begin to know where to look for a publisher of mixed media. And, if I cut up old books and use bits and pieces of illustrations…what would be copyright issues on that? Any suggestions on where to look?

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    • Isn’t she a surprise package! She kept that extra talent hidden away – but now we all now about it! I’m so excited about my American adventure, Irene. And hopefully catching up with you!! xx


  2. Kat, I say that you reaped the benefits of Linda’s creative craft art. Last year, I received from Linda a beautiful little stack of season cards that I just love. Enjoy writing poetry for the beautiful artwork. The sunshine jar and the laundry on the line remind me of my childhood.

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  3. Lol! I’m sooooooo glad you like it. This was my first foray into junk journaling. But, I am HOOKED. Having fun on my current project. Xoxo for the praise. I’m not used to it—feels nice. But let’s look at something else now 😊

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  4. Beautiful!! It is always special when a handmade gift finds a home with someone who truly loves it! ❤ I hope to see you when you are in the area (Irene and I were talking about that).

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