This is the Day… for Muddy Play School

There’s a bear in there

and a chair as well.

There are people with games

and a muddy story to tell…

There is great excitement wherever I turn. On the blog, in the twittersphere, amongst family and friends…

This is the day that This is the Mud! is on Play School.  Come share the fun and excitement – and maybe even win a signed copy of the book.

All you have to do is post a comment below about the muddy Play School reading. You may even have your own story of mud, mess and mayhem to share. (Please do.)

The winner will be chosen on merit – unless it is too close to call. (If it is too close to call, contenders will be placed into a hat and plucked at random.)

So… share your muddy comment and be in with a chance to win.

The competition will be open until Saturday midnight, AEST. (Australian time.)

And don’t forget to watch Play School today (Wednesday, 21st July) at 9:30am on ABC1.

For my overseas friends, I thought you could see it online but it’s not looking so promising today… If you’re up for a challenge, try this;

1. Go to;
2. Click on the blue ‘ABC1′ in the top right-hand corner
3. Scroll to find the 9:30am Play School
4. Click on… ’9:30 Wednesday, July 21′

(After the show, of course.)

Want your own This is the Mud! colouring page?

Want to write your own, This is the… book of nonsense?

Find more Kids’ Stuff in the tab above.



  1. Kathryn! How exciting, will definately be tuning into playschool with my daughter this morning. As a writer it really is the ultimate compliment, well done.
    Would love to help promote your book on our website!
    Glad to have found your website via SquiggleMum.
    All the very best.
    Bug in a Book 🙂


  2. Delighted to have you drop by, Angela. Thanks for commenting. And I would love to have you help promote the book on your website – thankyou. (Thanks to SquiggleMum too, for sharing the news.)


  3. mud mud is a glorious thing
    esp. when read about by lovely Justine
    the cow was stuck, the tractor too
    a dozer to the rescue…the cow?
    she just moo’ed.

    we (mum, 9, 5, and 2 x2 )loved the book and the playschooling reading. Yay for Australian authors!


  4. …my boys were just so excited to see ‘This Is The Mud’ on Playschool. Saw you launch it at CYA last year and purchased straight after. Well done.


  5. We loved it!!! I said to my 3.5yr old daughter as we were watching Playschool that we would have to go and see it we can find “This is the mud!” in the book shop!!!
    Having grown up in the country on a dairy farm I could completely relate to the story… I have vivid memories of getting stuck in the mud with my brother when were were kids… We would just walk out of our stuck gumboots through the mud in our socks and wait for mum and dad to retrieve them!!!! As a mum of 2 I now understand why mum always used to say don’t walk around in your white socks 😉
    And we too had a few cows get stuck in the mud over the years!!!
    Thanks for a wonderful book and for bringing back childhood memories…


  6. Wow. Wow and WOW! That was incredible.

    I went in to watch it with the school kids in Prep to Yr 4. (Took my sons out of class, and hubby came too.) About 60 little kids in the room (& 10 adults) but silence until close of book – then spontaneous eruption of cheering. So unbelievably COOL!

    One cute comment shortly into the reading, “Did you make TWO of those books?” (Because I had my copy with me, of course! So one on the screen and one in the hand.)

    Then home to Twitter gone crazy with all my friends exhorting their followers to ‘switch on your TV now’… and email friends doing the same. I do so LOVE the way friends get behind and share the good news. Thankyou!!!!

    And thankyou for these wonderful comments!! I have been laughing out loud reading them – absolutely loving the fun of it all. (I can see I am going to have a very difficult job judging this competition, though.)

    Mud, mud, GLORIOUS MUD! 😀


  7. Just wanted to drop by and say how much I enjoyed your book on Play School. Justine did it justice, and it was a real…romp in the mud! Congratulations.


  8. This is the book
    that my 2 year old loved
    about a cow stuck fast
    while chewing her cud…

    Congratulations, Kathryn! You know you’ve made it when Playschool features your book. I read in the Gayndah Gazette that it was going to be aired.


  9. Terrific fun Kat! DEFINITE Classic status now! :))

    With three boys and living down the road from one of the biggest parks in Brisbane, I used to dread a heavy rain because that would mean ‘scurfing’. For the uninitiated, that is riding a boogie board whilst being towed along by a two wheeler. The boys would come home looking like New Guineas’ Mud Men!


  10. The sun has well and truly set on the Muddy Play School day – but I’m still smiling. It has been a joy to hear and read all the comments, tweets and emails.

    Thankyou for sharing your memories. I can see why ‘mud’ is popular. 🙂 So many memories it has sparked for you.


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