Zentangle Poems


The zentangle is a form of found poetry, not unlike blackout poetry, except that instead of blacking out unwanted words with a niko, you use repetetive lines and patterns to make a zentangle that frames your poem.

  1. Draw a box around the words that you want to use for your poem.
  2. Use zentangle (repeated) patterns to enhance your poem. (Your zentangles may turn into a picture! But they don’t have to.)

Miriam Paternoster has the most astounding video of her zentangle poetry process. I tend to find my poem first, and then create my simple art from there. Sometimes I just pattern the page, like the enlightening chocolate poem, below. With practise, I’m starting to produce something that actually resembles an object, although there are still times when my zentangle isn’t worthy of the poem…

HINT: Don’t create zentangle poems in your favourite book! Or a library book!

KatApel_Chocolate Zentangle





The Telephone Zentangle Poem

The Telephone


Terribly Fond

Terribly Fond

'The Sky Swooped'

The Sky Swooped

Dragon Lies

Dragon Lies

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