My Amber

My Amber

Imprinting your shape,
and texture
into the palm of my heart;
knobby horns,
forehead whirl,
and floppy dewlap.

Hands smooth across
sleek red hide,
eyes clouded by tears.

I inhale.

Hold time.

Breathe in the scent of you.

Each pat

   a memory,
   a caress,
   a pause;

‘I love you.’

‘My beautiful girl.’

'I love you.'

© Kathryn Apel December 2019

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Too Many Friends – Too Many Smiles!

It’s not every day you get a new book in the mail… But it’s always a good day!

A collage from my walk to the letterbox – playing bullrush with the cows on the way there … and back again. Because first they run away. (Good!) And then they run back!? (Bad!!) But we have lots of trees. (Phew.) So I go tree-to-tree.

Usually I wait until the cows aren’t between me and the mail, but I suspicioned there might be a blue book waiting… And there was. ‘Too Many Friends’ releases 1st May 2017. Not far away!

Reasons to smile. And smile. And SMILE! 🙂