Grandma’s Pikelets

I tried off and on for 8 years to write a pikelet poem for my Grandma. It was initially intended for her 90th birthday*, because she was the queen of pikelets. Sadly, the words didn’t fall into place until the day after she slipped quietly away, aged 97 – when I let go of the rhyming stanzas I’d persisted with throughout the years, and let heart and memories shape the poem.

I would have liked to share the pikelet poem with Grandma… but perhaps the memories and emotions it stirred were felt more by those of us she left behind.KatApel_Grandma's Pikelets

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* Not a pikelet poem, but a Pearl, for Grandma’s 90th Birthday.


Presenting ‘Grandma’s Pikelets’ at her funeral (with the help of a cousin, who read the recipe portions) was one of the more challenging things I’ve done, given that it followed a eulogy beautifully written and tearfully presented by my Dad, with his brother. The funeral was heartfelt, personal – often funny – and very beautiful, honouring a life lived loyally, devoted to family and God.

Looking for words…

The end of the year is always busy, but this year caught me by surprise. Which is why I dropped off the radar for a while. I’ve missed the Poetry Friday crew, so I thought I’d slip in late with these unexpected little poems.

I’ve been fiddling on Storybird, trying to loosen the words so that I can write the poem I need to write, for my Grandma, who quietly slipped away yesterday, aged 97. She lived a long life, but she lived it gently, quietly, often in the background, and whilst we always knew her love, I’m finding it hard to find the words that capture it in truth. And I’m conscious of the fact that the Grandma we ‘kids’ knew, is not the lady that she was for the most part of her life. (I was astounded when I asked her recently if she ever rode a horse… and she replied with certainty, ‘My word!’ (She must have been sadly disappointed with me, scared of cows and horses, and no help to my hubby on his property!) But how did I never know that!?)

I’ve not given up on the poem I want to write – but meantime, here are some Storybirds that I’m hoping will enable the words…


Her lips weren’t prim – but she was always stylish. I would wish that ‘gentle’ was one of the word tags.

I think pikelets were Grandma’s love language. They were the best I’ve tasted – and I had them lots! I’ve tried many times over the years to write a pikelet poem, but words still fail me.


Our extended family was quite large… and very close.

And one more, for my young niece, because I discovered this horse while flicking through images…


Let’s pretend…

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