One Week in May

Somehow, it’s that time of year again. May! #NaPiBoWriWee – writing a picture book a day for the first week of May. Only problem being… I forgot! In my head I still had another month to prepare. Only remembered half-way through Day One. Had NO idea of what to write about. Didn’t know where to […]

Day Seven #PiBoIdMo

This month I am taking part in Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo). I have found these pressure/challenge writing situations are good for me, because I work to deadlines – and maximise the last minute!! PiBoIdMo is not a waste of time, play-around game. My week of picture books in May, and month of poetry every […]

PiBoIdMo in November

In November I am going to undertake another writerly challenge – this time to come up with one picture book idea every day for the month of November. I don’t have to write the PB – just imagine 30 cracker ideas. (In truth, they don’t have to be crackers, but if they’re not, I don’t […]