Picture Book Idea Month 2010 – Wrapping it up!

Picture Book Idea Month draws to a close – and what a month it has been. I never expected it to be easy, and sometimes it wasn’t. But it has been worth it. Satisfying.

There were a couple of times when I put it of, put it off and put it off ALL day – and then at 11:45pm I would in desperation go chase that idea – and find it! It continued to amaze me each time I caught it.

My best day was on the 27th, when I had 6 ideas in the one day! Funny – because my worst day was the 26th – when my head was pounding with life crowding in and I just didn’t have the energy to chase a PB idea. Worse. When I finally caught a whisker of an idea, I thought I’d remember it… and write it down later… but then promptly forgot it! Completely. (It was one of those days…) Continue reading