Kat the Neil Numberman Caricature

Introducing… Kat the Swallowtail Butterfly You may remember the caricature I won from Joey Fly illustrator, Neil Numberman, during #PiBoIdMo… Well it flew in recently – or rather, she did. Kat the Swallowtail Butterfly. Isn’t she great? Want to see more? See Aaron and Neil work as a team to create a buggy graphic novel […]

Joey Fly Private Eye – Under the Magnifying Glass

Aaron Reynolds and Neil Numberman are a formidable duo in the buggy underworld. The creators of Joey Fly Private Eye wield the pen to create a buzzingly-good interplay of text and image in their second Joey Fly graphic novel, Joey Fly Private Eye in Big Hairy Drama. With time beetling along until opening night, Proprietor […]

Make it Masks – Joey Fly & Friends

In the previous post, we learnt how to make graphic novels – and we learnt it at the pen of the experts, Aaron Reynolds & Neil Numberman. Today Aaron & Neil are back again – this time with masks for you to download & make. Click on the thumbail for a FULLSIZE version of the […]


During PiBoIdMo in November, I met the author/illustrator duo, Aaron Reynolds and Neil Numberman – the creators of  Joey Fly Private Eye. (I’m actually quite looking forward to a caricature I won during PiBoIdMo – Neil’s buggy interpretation of me. :P) Today it is my very great pleasure to welcome Neil and Aaron to my […]

Day Seven #PiBoIdMo

This month I am taking part in Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo). I have found these pressure/challenge writing situations are good for me, because I work to deadlines – and maximise the last minute!! PiBoIdMo is not a waste of time, play-around game. My week of picture books in May, and month of poetry every […]