January Month of Poetry – Part One

Once again, my year has started with a Month of Poetry – writing one poem every day for the month of January. This is an annual event I’ve co-ordinated since 2008.

After my quiet months of no writing in 2011, I’m finding a deeper level of creativity during the #MoP. I’m writing in new ways, and liking it.

#MoP12 poems are posted to locked pages on the Month of Poetry blog, and there is a great community of sharing and discussion each day, which I find inspirational and informative. (Love it!) Remembering past #MoP friends – and the promise of more this month – inspired this poem on Day One;

I Remember You

I remember you;
the way you
weave words on paper,
play emotions
with phrases and pausing,
your voice echoing
through line breaks,
imagery and stark
haunting words.

I remember you;
breathing life
and form into poetry
so that when I read
no credit is needed –
the words whisper
your name
and take the shape
of you.

This is how it is with #MoP. Learning to recognise participants by their individual way with words. Six days in and it’s already exceeded expectations.

Month of Poetry 2011 – Success Stories

I’ve said before (here) that poetry builds my writing muscles. NO poem is wasted. Every poem written is an exercise in creativity – and control.

That’s why, each January, I co-ordinate a month-long poetry event in some form. To let loose my creativity, while toning up my writing muscles. It’s an invigorating start to the year!

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#PiBoIdMo Update – Plus…

The last fortnight has been busy.

I’ve kept up with my #PiBoIdMo – a picture book idea every day – just! The first week I was on a roll, but there have been times where it felt like I was just going through the motions, this fortnight. The occasional good idea, and a lot of rot. Then Saturday, I had three beaut ideas fall into place.  So I ended the week feeling satisfied with my efforts. I’m currently sitting on 29 ideas (because I’ve been writing them all down – even if they don’t excite me) and I know I’ll meet the challenge of 30 ideas for November – though I will keep looking for one idea a day until the end of the month. Continue reading