A Polm to Remeber my Nanny

Poetry Friday this week is hosted by Carol, at Beyond Literacy Link. Thanks, Carol! If you’re a teacher, a poet, or a reader of poetry, then click across and be inspired. There is so much good stuff shared amongst the Poetry Friday crew. And much to love about poetry! Continue reading

Our Jaunty Jonty Puppy

Puppy Tales
Like a cursor
on the blank screen
my little dog
streaks across open paddocks
What mischief will I write today?
he yaps.


This blog is about my writing, but also contains slices of life moments that I just need to recognise. I’ve been needing to write this blog post for over two weeks… but I was just couldn’t find the words amongst the tears… Continue reading

Guinea Pig Love

This blog is mostly about my writing, but sometimes life pops in. Today life is here with teary eyes and a sobbing heart.

Five good years with lots of loving, memories and photos (oh so many photos!) and we say goodbye to our beloved Gipsy. She was the Queen of guinea pigs – placid affectionate, adorable and snuggly-cuddly. Everybody should have a Gipsy Queen in their life!

We will miss ours.

Goodbye my Gipsy Queen.

Goodbye my Gipsy Queen.