Grandma’s Pikelets

I tried off and on for 8 years to write a pikelet poem for my Grandma. It was initially intended for her 90th birthday*, because she was the queen of pikelets. Sadly, the words didn’t fall into place until the day after she slipped quietly away, aged 97 – when I let go of the rhyming stanzas I’d persisted with throughout the years, and let heart and memories shape the poem.

I would have liked to share the pikelet poem with Grandma… but perhaps the memories and emotions it stirred were felt more by those of us she left behind.KatApel_Grandma's Pikelets

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* Not a pikelet poem, but a Pearl, for Grandma’s 90th Birthday.


Presenting ‘Grandma’s Pikelets’ at her funeral (with the help of a cousin, who read the recipe portions) was one of the more challenging things I’ve done, given that it followed a eulogy beautifully written and tearfully presented by my Dad, with his brother. The funeral was heartfelt, personal – often funny – and very beautiful, honouring a life lived loyally, devoted to family and God.