Believable Worlds

My sons have been listening to a fantasy novel read by the teacher as a part of their school studies. Younger son, KitKat, is enjoying the novel – finds it interesting. Two good reasons for that; “You know he’s imaginary. And I like it when the teacher reads to us.”

Katfish was not so enthusiastic. “I’m not really into fantasy. They’re silly. You can have shoes that are suddenly flying, and it’s not believable.”

There was a pause, then he qualified, “Some fantasy books are good. When they build the world and explain how things work in the fantasy world, that’s really interesting. It actually sounds real – and believable.”

Hmmm… Build your imaginary world, and be consistent within that world. Don’t throw impossible things around believing you have license because it is fantasy.

Sounds a bit like something I’ve heard at writing seminars. But it’s much more effective hearing it from a child. And it’s just one more time when one or other of my boys have amazed me by their perception.

It also explains why I don’t write fantasy. Building whole new worlds… I’m overwhelmed already!