January Month of Poetry: Part Two

This year my goal for Month of Poetry (MoP12) was to write a sonnet. In truth, I wanted to play and ‘perfect’ the form. Not that I particularly *loved* the form – but because in other MoPs participants who have written a sonnet speak as if they’ve climbed Mount Everest. A challenge? I’m in!

I asked my friend Di Esmond for some pointers. Which she gladly gave in her own inimitable style. You can read Di’s simple sonnet tips on the Month of Poetry blog.

I wasted a day on my first attempt. Tried three different sonnets, on suitably learned topics. Failed. Crushing defeat. Rising frustration. Those five strong beats were a syncopated constipated curse! I quit.

At which point, my anger and frustration bubbled over… (Oops…) and resulted in Sonnet: Finito.  …..  Continue reading