For Parents, Teachers & Readers

These are links I’ve liked to exceptional posts that I don’t think you need to be a writer to appreciate. This list will grow… and I’m hoping the links don’t break, over time.

Help for Parents Learning to Read – How to share the beauty of shared reading, even though reading may be a struggle for you.

Ten Awesome Questions to get Kids Thinking Deeper about Books (Transferable across grades and texts.)

Introducing Babies to Books is about More than just Reading (Short blog post from the Scottish Book Trust that I wholeheartedly endorse.) – Search for PBs by theme

Storybird is a delightful way to dabble in creativity. They supply the illustrations and the words – you pick & choose and arrange them into your own poem. Exquisite and very achievable! (Picture book & chapter book options also available.)

How-to Storybird – A post with screenshots to show the process, in case you’re wondering what it is.

Make your 8 Year-Old Fall in Love with Reading – Again – Great tips and books.

Six things you can do to get boys reading more – and girls too.

Setting the Mood – Writing Tips. I love that they make this look so easy! 😉

43 Words You Should Cut From Your Writing – excellent editing tips from Diana Urban, no matter what you’re writing!

Let Them Draw – Improving children’s creativity in writing.

Why are our 15 year-olds Falling Behind in Reading? Vocabulary! Classrooms <and homes> should be full of discussion, inquiry and experiences – these are the nourishing foundations of a rich language repertoire.

On Behalf of Teacher’s and Parents – a former-teacher’s heartfelt letter about the Australian Education System.

The Guardian’s Top Ten Tips to Help Kids Write Poetry – Great advice!