Poetry Stuff

Here are some quick ideas to get you started. There are more poetry forms you could try under the ‘Whisker of Poetry’ drop-down tab.

1.  Write a poem – in 11 words!

The cinquain is a short form of poetry that comes from the French word ‘cinq’ meaning ‘five’. A cinquain has five lines.

There are many different forms of cinquain. I like the didactic cinquain, because it builds awareness of word groups, making you think about word choice – because it has just 11 words. True! That means you have to make every word count! Don’t waste words with ‘the’ or ‘and’. No repeats. Each word must say something new.

Bonus thing I like? It has a fun counting pattern.


Line One:     One noun
Line Two:     Two adjectives
Line Three:  Three verbs
Line Four:    Four-word phrase
Line Five:     One different noun


clumsy, rectangular
lurch, hiss, lumber
save fuel, reduce pollution

© Kathryn Apel


This cinquain planning and draft sheet might help you get your ideas together.

Click & Print


2.  Snap a spiney – the poem that you don’t write.

For Sale

Visit your local library (or peruse your book shelves at home) and arrange the titles on the spines to create a poem. No pen/paper needed – though you will need a camera to capture the poem. You can read more of my spineys here and here.

3.  Create word art – a zentangle poem.


Dragon Lies

Find a poem in an existing page of text. (Hint: Don’t find it in your favourite book! Or your Mum’s favourite book. Find an OLD book…) Draw a box around the words that you want to use for your poem. Use zentangle (repeated) patterns to enhance your poem. Your zentangles may even turn into a picture! But they don’t have to. Read more about zentangle poems here – with lots more examples, and a really cool video link!

4.  Get fit and bring back the beat, in this activity shared by The School Magazine, using my poem, ‘Getting Fit’.


Click Pic for Link & Print

Comments from readers are purrrrfect!

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