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Kathryn is available to talk to your school or writing group. An accomplished poet in rhyme and free verse, Kat offers a range of talks and is happy to tailor activities to best suit your context. Author appearance fees are set by the Australian Society of Authors. Travel and accommodation are extra, as required. If other schools within your area are also interested in an event, expenses can be shared amongst schools, to minimise costs.

ASA School Rates

Visit the ASA site for rates for festivals, residencies & online visits.    All prices plus GST. Travel & accommodation extra, as required.

During author talks, Kathryn shares what inspired and shaped her stories, in a talk titled, ‘My Life as a Book’. The content varies dependent on the age group, touching on topics of bullying, friendships, identity, self-worth, sibling rivalry, sporting excellence, rural living, a glimpse at Antarctica,  and – creative things kids can do without a TV!

During workshops, Kat engages participants with poetry and wordplay, so that their words speak for themselves. There are so many fun and creative options for this!

Kat also offers short-burst staff poetry workshops for teachers in both Primary and Secondary contexts, with specific activities to engage students across curriculum areas. Book two days and this PD afternoon is included free.

Kathryn’s poetry workshops for counsellors equips them with a variety of engaging activities to add to their professional toolbox, when working with troubled children.

To enquire about an Author Visit, contact Kat via the contact form below. (Your information is not visible to the public.) Kathryn is also registered with SpeakersInk.


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What others are saying…


“It was great for the class to see someone so passionate about what they do.”
Year 7 teacher


“Bite-sized, inspiring, motivating. Beautiful combination of photos, words & imagination.”
Year 2/3 teacher

“Fantastic, especially over three year levels. Excellent control of the classes.”
Yr 2/3 teacher – with Yr 1 class group also.


“The students and the teachers really enjoyed listening to you.
It was nice to hear how stories are written and how each part comes together.”
Junior teacher


“Kathryn approached Personification with such enthusiasm that the students were literally entertained. Her knowledge of literacy in the classroom is a quality that leads each student into higher order thinking and valued discussion.” 

Secondary English Teacher