Bee a Honey – Be Kind

Last week I did a Kids’ Segment in church, and talked about kindness – and kind words, in particular. I love Proverbs 16:24, where it likens kind words to honey; sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. To help kids remember to use kind words, I wrote this little shape poem, ‘Bee a Honey’ that paraphrases the Bible verse. Sharing it on my blog in the hopes it helps to spread a little kindness… like honey.🍯🐝

Not to be posted without prior written permission. All rights reserved.

Thanks to Laura at Small Reads for Brighter Days for hosting the Poetry Friday link-up today. I hope your weekend is sweet!🐝


  1. Kat, that is so beautiful! Here’s to kind words–very healthy for body and soul. And I love the word kindness, that is broader and more just than the word “nice.” Proverbs doesn’t tell us to be nice, but to be KIND. Beautiful.

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