New Year – New Logic Board

Happy New Year!

My 2022 ended with a little stress – my computer crashed… A failed logic-board, meaning that I was completely reliant on my back-ups. To be honest, my initial feeling was relief. I’d really struggled to get to a creative place, typing one-handed, so I wasn’t sorry not to try anymore. I was mildly concerned that I may have lost what little work I’d done over the past 6wks – no knowing when I’d last backed-up – but I was hopeful I had something, atleast…

Christmas passed, and after a two-week tech-break, it was time to power up the revamp Mac. ⚠️⛔️⚠️ The new logic-board didn’t recognise my TimeMachine back-up disk!!! It looked like the disk was corrupt; 2+years of work… gone! (😱) Then … when we’d tried everything, and AppleCare was convinced it was a failed drive (Gaaaah!) they noticed that the new logic-board was still running on an outdated operating system. It was not compatible with my up-to-date Time Machine back-up, and therefore couldn’t recognise it. After 36hrs of stress (!!) and 6hrs of updates, I was finally able to restore all my old data. (Persistence pays!) AND I had run a back-up just 2wks prior to the crash, so very little was lost! (I even surprised myself, with that!)

Two things worth nothing:

1) If buying a Mac, buy AppleCare! This is my second Mac that has crashed out of warranty, but covered by AppleCare. (This was a 2yo machine, so I do find that concerning… But better to be covered than not.)

2) If at first your Time Machine data recovery doesn’t work… Update!

In other news, the New Year saw me released from my sling. Now trying to free up the frozen shoulder, and so glad I can type again!

Next week I’m thinking to revisit the Poetry Pep-up prompts from 2020. If anyone wants to join me for a 5-day pep-up, you’d be very welcome! Let me know in the comments. I’m thinking to create a padlet, for those who want to share poems and chat, but that’s optional. I’m keeping it low-key; a creative play with poetry friends.

Thanks to Catherine at Reading to the Core who is hosting our first Poetry Friday round-up for 2023. Sync or float – I hope it’s smooth sailing.🙃


  1. I hate tech problems. Don’t we all. Lesson here to back up. My computer keeps reminding me to, but I ignore it. I’m glad you are healing and ready to pep up some poetry.


  2. I’m happy for you that 2023 is looking up, Kat! I just got a new Mac & yes, I have Apple Care. They’ve helped in the past when needed. Best wishes for the physical well-being, too! Happy 2023!


  3. Ugh! I had frozen shoulder. It takes forever to work out. And, your tech woes are scary! I’m going to go back up right now. I might be in for a pep up. I seem to have a mountain of things to clear off my desk…not sure how that happens in a “new” year. But, here we are.

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  4. Glad your woes had a happily ever after! Love your reminder to “sync or float!” (Maybe that should be “sync so you CAN float?!?!”) Good luck with your shoulder. Ugh. Ouch.

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  5. Love the tie-in of your boat/sync/float poem to your life these past weeks! And so glad for you that your recovery is progressing. I panic sometimes thinking “What if I lost my system…” – even my monthly back up schedule may not be enough. I try to comfort myself believing in The Cloud – but the sheer terror of going in search … in THE CLOUD… Now I think I better back up more regularly! Thanks for the warning!

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    • Apparently The Cloud is not instead of back-up. It’s only temporary… and if your computer falls over, the cloud will too. Definitely back it up! (I’m going with TimeMachine AND manual back-up. More fiddle. But also more confidence!)


  6. This is a good reminder to me to back up my computer work. I don’t do it often enough. I have a lot of work now that I don’t want to lose. I also have a mac. My machine is a year old, but it gets heavy use. Can you buy Apple Care after the fact?! I wonder. Thanks! And, I’m glad you’re shoulder has been released! I hope you can get back to all your normal activities now! Happy New Year!

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  7. Kat, you reminded me that my Mac Air needs a call to Apple about the non-working backup/ So much to do in so little time. Computer issues are so annoying so I am glad that your problems are under control. Love the series of photos. A few would make beautiful image poems. Happy New Year, Kat. My best wishes for healing.


  8. Kat, you have had a lot going on, and look at you coming out of it with poetry and healing! That’s a great way to start the year! I saw your invitation to play and am tempted, but also not sure about my ability to commit…

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