Busting Some Moves

I was emailing our lovely Irene recently, to thank her for her sweet snail story, (post to come) and I was lamenting my lack of blogging;

“I hope to share a snippet on my blog – though that is a little erratic of late. (I must blog, fullstop. Funnily enough, Australian publishers are saying that blogging is no longer a platform to invest time in. Which is not why I have stopped blogging. I have just been overwhelmed. And blogging is another form of writing – when I’m actually finding I have so many things demanding my writing – and I just want a little break. (If that makes sense??? The business of writing sure does my head in, sometimes. And I don’t want to lose the JOY of creative/passion writing!))”

(Cue the violins!🎻)

Irene’s reply was so simple;

“I do love our PF community. When I think about where I WANT to be online, it’s there above all else.”

And I thought, me too! I miss my Poetry Friday peeps. Even though I see some of you on other platforms, it isn’t the same as these Poetry Friday rounds. I miss our poetry connections. The inspiration! So – no more guilt for all the pictures and moments I’ve been wanting to share – but haven’t. No more missing out on this community. I am here. For the joy of it. And if sometimes it’s the shortest of posts just to stick my toe in the water, then that’s what I’ll have to do!

Here are my short offerings for today. This past week I’ve been forced to slow down and appreciate the little things; pics and short poetry. Already I’m starting to feel creatively refreshed.

The helmet worked – and has the dents to prove it!

Not a natural early bird, but I’ve seen a few sunrises this week.

Living the dream! I may never regain full use of my arm…

Poetry © Kathryn Apel  ~  All rights reserved

Poetry Friday this week is hosted by Jama at Jama’s Alphabet Soup. I am sure it will be nourishing!


  1. Isn’t it funny that blogging is now passe? I don’t care if it is. I am also here for the joy of it. I get so many good ideas from my PF peeps. I’m sorry for the busted collar bone…but you sure made me smile with the spin you put on it. I’m hoping you heal fast and so glad that you are doing so well that you’ve been too busy to blog! I think it’s time for another book. Yes? Go, Kat, Go! Write Kat, Write!

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    • I don’t feel it is either, Linda. (Have only been sporadic because overwhelmed.) Certainly for me, blogging/PF is connection and inspiration. And too, creating a collection of resources. It has value!


  2. Everything you said about Poetry Friday…YES. Best community ever.

    Thank you for wearing your helmet. Sorry about the arm, but the brain is super important!!

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  3. Kathryn– you and Irene said it! Out of the public communities I’ve joined online, Poetry Friday is one that always fills my cup, rather than taking energy away. It’s been wonderful to reconnect lately and just rejoice in shared love of poems and the people who adore them– so glad to see you here! And, thank you for sharing the poems! I appreciated the twist of the clavicle poem– though I wish you didn’t suffer it for real… Wishing you a speedy recovery and joy in words/community to come!

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  4. Short verse and photographs seem quite appropriate under the circumstances. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Kat. Interesting publisher remark regarding blogging. It is for me another platform, another outlet and its serves a social and educative purpose, so I guess I don’t concur with that view. Having said that, time and other pressures are a legitimate reason to make some strategic decisions as to where your energies need to go and feeling overwhelmed is something we all feel at times.

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  5. Taking a step at a time with words about your blessings seems very nice, Kat. A nephew had a bad motorcycle accident a while ago & he, too, cracked his helmet, but not his head! Big blessings for you, too. Best wishes for healing! And I am glad to see you here!

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  6. Sorry about your accident. I’m so glad you took Irene’s small Irene-esque nudge to stick with us. I love reading about your adventures and your poems always inspire.

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  7. I’m so sorry to read of your injury, but so thankful it wasn’t worse!

    I keep reading posts that dovetail with Linda Baie’s post this week (unexpected gifts, feeling grateful for a good that comes from something initially seen as unwanted.) Heal quickly!

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  8. So glad to be part of this weekly joy with you, Kat. I’m a cyclist too – and also had an accident that resulted in the same broken clavicle (also one that ended with a broken elbow; another with a torn rotator cuff… sigh). I feel your pain, but am reading your joy – despite the spills! Yay you! I’m guessing you will be back on the bike as soon as possible (took me 6 weeks, and I stayed in shape on a stationary bike that I rode one-handed, upright). BUT… what I love is your boys braiding and brushing your hair! I had some TLC from my family, too — oh but the BRAS! Sheesh! Well, you’ll figure it out. Hope your healing goes well!


    • I’m not keen for all your injuries, Patricia. I have decided no more paddock rides. Certainly not when grass is thick and rank and visibility is zilch.🤦‍♀️ Still loving the stylists here.🤭


  9. Oh Kat – I am so sorry about your accident. It sounds painful and frustrating and all of those things. How amazing you are to have found the positive side of it – forced rest and the chance to fill up your cup. Pretty sure it’s a lemonadey type cup – life having given you a big bag of lemons.

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