Paper Poetry

I’m popping in for Poetry Friday to share something a little bit different this week; a book I reserved at my library purely for the title. How could I not be intrigued by ‘Paper Poetry’? It’s a book of creative papercutting, by Helene and Simone Bendix, with photography by Ben Nason. It’s a luscious coffee table book. And it very much brings the lovely Linda Mitchell to mind!

I love that this book is called ‘Paper Poetry’ – because poetry is the art of words, and this book celebrates that in exquisite, detailed brevity. There were times that I forgot that I didn’t really have the time or the steady hand to produce these intricate creations. I imagined that I could – and my heart felt lighter. (And actually, there are some there that I am quite eager to try.) I marvelled at the craftsmanship and drifted through the papercut words.The poet in me also appreciated this quote at the end of the book. “Our handmade goods are for courageous women who want to add an element of poetic luxury to their everyday life. In some ways we feel fashion has lost that touch of poetry and fun…” I am all for a touch of poetry and fun in life – and I frequently find that clothes with personality help spread joy.

The book was an unexpected treat – and I’m delighted to share it with you, too. Now – to pick up scalpel and create some paper poetry of my own! But first, I’m off to check out the Poetry Friday link-up, at Mary Lee’s blog.


  1. What a fascinating book, and you’re right, it does look right up Linda’s alley. I’m so glad the title piqued your interest and that you shared it here. That ending light and shadow illustration is ah-mazing! I’m off to see if my library has a copy or can obtain one for me. Thanks so much!

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  2. Be
    Oh, my goodness…what a beautiful use of old papers.
    I have been crafting up a storm this week. And, the world of youtube(what WAS life like before youtube?) have connected to a wonderful world of paper/book crafters. One, Natasha of Treasure Books is in Aus. I love her videos. Another paper crafter that I admire and am working my way up to crafting like her is Jennifer Collier in the UK. Her embroidery/paper crafting is astonishing!
    I love this post. I know it’s for everyone…but it feels like a hug. Thank you!

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  3. Kat, thank you for sharing! Wow. Seeing these photos makes me amazed, blessed and challenged too. I’m going to look for the book so I can see more. I can’t wait to see what you do with paper and your scalpel.

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  4. Kat, this looks quite interesting. Love presenting poetry in new and unexpected ways. I also find myself wondering how my very large hands and fingers would negotiate the intricacies of such precise work. Something new to ponder… Love the provocation.

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