Celebrating Miss Understood – Arooooooo!

What a thrill it was to celebrate the release of Miss Understood in the North Burnett Region, including launch celebrations with kids and staff – and my parents, too – at St Joseph’s Catholic School in Gayndah.

I’ve been very excited for the arrival of this book, because I kind of figured it would be a fun read aloud – but even I hadn’t realised how much scope there was. If you get into character and let go of inhibitions, it is a howl! (Especially when kids get into character, too, and start to see things from the wolf’s perspective (that would be, Miss Understood’s) – or in some cases, remaining loyal to those little stinkers and their porkie-pies.

It’s so much fun reading this book to kids! Who am I kidding??!? I love reading this book to anyone!!!🤭 (My brother scored a reading in his workplace last week. Now he knows how I expect him to read it. And he’s been practising.😹)

I must commend Beau Wylie on his choice of outfit for Miss Understood. She has great taste – and I rather like to emulate her!🐺 The touch of pink in both my 2022 books was also a gift and dressing for author events has been a delight.💕

🐺 Megan Daley (YKNR Podcast): I really, really enjoyed ‘Miss Understood’. It’s a fractured fairytale. It’s poetry. It’s full of puns. It’s got this wonderful beat and rhythm to it. It’s fantastic. A really, really clever little book.

🐺 What’s the Story Rory (Reading with a Chance of Tacos podcast): ‘I judged the book by its cover and I automatically knew I was going to love it – and the cover really lived up to the story… Really clever rhyme. Beautiful illustrations. Absolute joy to read… A brilliant book.’

Incidentally, it was also great to share The Bird in the Herd in an area where so many kids knew what a drover was! Prior to this, in the 14months since release day, during visits to schools and libraries in country and city locations, I have had one child who knew about drovers. (Yet every child can tell you about cowboys! And we don’t even HAVE cowboys in Australia. Aside from football teams.) Drovers are such an important part of our Australian heritage – and are still in operation today. (And not just in the North Burnett.) Yet Australian kids know more about their American counterparts.🤦‍♀️ This is why Australian kids need Australian farming stories!

I am for sure looking forward to more author events in the near future – and sharing Miss Understood with kids of all ages and sizes. Though there will always be something special about that reading at St Joseph’s, with my parents in the room. Dad was a pig farmer, so we grew up surrounded by pigs, their smells – and the puns! (There were even three kids in our family.🐷🐷🐷) Though I cannot recommend pigs in wedding photos…

Poetry Friday this week is with the lovely Linda at A Word Edgewise. Correct me if I’m wrong, Linda – but I am pretty sure that Miss Understood was one of those stories we shared at your dining room table… 

Photo credits (and thanks) to St Joseph’s, North Burnett News, and staff at North Burnett Regional Council libraries. Photos shared with permission.


  1. LOL! Yes, I think it was one of those stories we read in my Dining Room. Oh, my goodness…what JOY to see this post and read of the joy this book brings. And, bonus! A great wedding photo. Look at you two kids. I have to say you look the same now. I needed this news, this post this hug from afar. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    • It is a fun read with Kinders. But the funny thing is, I was thinking of Years 5 & 6 kids when I wrote it – when they’re looking at perspective and bias. And actually, the adults have laughed the most. (Probably because they got all the jokes on the first read – whereas for kids, that might take repeat reads. Which is, of course, half the fun of a picture book!😉)


  2. Yay for your book stewardship in the schools, Kat. And for educating young Australians about their farming heritage. You are inspiring on so many levels, especially your bumper crop of puns – pig time! 🙂

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  3. Oh, my…adorable Kat in her jumper and boots, adorable Dad and Mum, adorable kids in their plaid uniforms! Thanks for bringing the joy today, which is truly an antidote to all the grief.

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    • You made me smile, Heidi. (Aside from adorable.🤭) There’s a classic Aussie/Americanism right there. What you call jumper, we (used to call pinafore) usually call an overall dress. We do have jumpers. But I think you call them sweaters. (I used to think you called them sloppy joes. Until I ate one!😹) I am glad I could bring the joy, Heidi. I can only imagine the grief (and frustration/anger!) you are all feeling. So sorry.


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