Wolfish Grins – Miss Understood

This week saw the release of Miss Understood. She’s my ninth book – and my second release in 2022. (And that is something that still makes me smile, inside and out!)

It’s been so much fun letting this little wolf loose on the world. This is my most sophisticated picture book to date, with lots of piggy puns in a carefully crafted rapping rhyme. Beau’s stellar illustrations, coupled with Rebecca Young’s vision, and Hannah Janzen’s design work, blow me away. (Much like a house of straw, actually). I am so proud of this picture book. It has been a fantabulously fun experience creating it and I am loving sharing it with kids. And adults too! (Because it turns out I’m not the only adult who loves the interplay between text, art and design. It is been garnering praise wherever I’ve shared it. Copies are disappearing fast!)

Miss Understood is a Scholastic Press book from Scholastic Australia. At this stage it’s only available in Australia and New Zealand. I sure hope that changes!

You can find ideas for classroom (and home) use here; Download Teacher’s Notes. But actually, just read it for the fun!

And don’t let that little skunk pass unnoticed…

And adore the endpapers!


I’m the wolf, Miss Understood.
You think I’m bad, but I am good.
Those Little Pigs told you a porker —
made it sound like I’m a stalker!

Is the wolf really as BIG and BAD as she seems? Or is she just . . . misunderstood? An irresistible story about being accepted for who you really are.

Over the next two weeks I will be out-and-about doing Storytime readings and conducting Poetry Pep-ups for teens and adults around the North Burnett Region. Check your local libraries for times and locations. You can be sure Miss Understood will be sharing her version of the Three Little Pigs there.

Jama is hosting this week’s Poetry Friday round-up at Jama’s Alphabet Soup. I am fairly confident Jama will not be wolfing pea and yam soup, like those hambones in Miss Understood.🤭


  1. Congratulations, Kat! Your newest book looks utterly delightful. What a wonderful collaboration between author and illustrator! That cover is amazing! I’m dying to get my hands on the book and check it all out, including the endpapers you mentioned. Have fun sharing your newest creation with the world!

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  2. I so hope it becomes available here, Kat. “Miss Understood” is such a perfect title for the woes of wolves! Have fun these next weeks!

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  3. Congratulations to you, Kat! I’m excited to put this side by side with THE TRUE STORY OF THE THREE LITTLE PIGS in which the wolf is traditionally male but equally indignant about the slanderous story. I love love love the twisting and twining of folk tale versions!

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  4. Happy Mother’s Day! Oh, my goodness…I love seeing the success of this picture book in photos on twitter and here! It’s fabulous to see a book of rhyme and rhythm for little ones. They love it and we know how good it is for brains all the while they are having fun. Hooray for the female wolf, Miss Understood! She makes me smile and smile and smile.


  5. Kat, I am a week late but am so glad that I stopped by. Congratulations on your new book. It looks like a really fun read. Miss Understood is an adorable title for a character and I am sure her stories are just as engaging as her name. Lots of luck.


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