The Little Things

I am determined to post again – so today I’m sharing two poems I’ve had sitting in my files for many-many years. I’d never seen fireflies until I was married. And we still don’t see them often. Didn’t seen them at all during the drought years. But I saw some on Christmas day… and again, two weeks ago.


the night away,
and flashing
like flickering

By contrast, drought or floods, there are always ants. (And lots of them!)


Bit by bit
they thieve
and leave.
Left, right,
left, right,
left, right…


Poems © Kathryn Apel – All rights reserved

Hoping the little critters in your life are sparking your joy – not stealing it!

Someone who sparks my joy is Tabatha – and she’s hosting Poetry Friday this week, at The Opposite of Indifference. (She had some fun animal couplets last week. If you haven’t already seen them, scroll back for a smile.) Thanks Tabatha.


  1. Your ant poem, Kat, ‘sparked’ a memory of a fire ant bite I once got when I was living in the desert of Arizona. It was such an eventful (albeit small) moment that I wrote a poem about it. 🙂 Here it is:

    my toe ignites
    kindled by a fire ant’s

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  2. Oh, I’m so glad to know you have fireflies. Aren’t they just one of the most beautiful little miracles? Enjoy! And, your ants poem made me laugh. There are lots of them — here too! I don’t know how they survive the cold except to try to live in my house on crumbs left by the people in my house! Wonderful look at tiny things. You have opened a whole new world of tiny poems. Yay!


    • I have noticed ants going up lately. Up brickwork. Up onto benches. Raising their homes. Makes me wonder if we might see the February Floods this year. (It’s been a while…) Ants in the snow. Wow. There’s a thought!


  3. Our climate is similar, but ants never seem to go here, Kat. I grew up in Missouri with “fanciful fireflies” & loved introducing them to my granddaughters when we all went back for a visit. They are not here in Colorado, just too dry! I’m glad you posted a celebration for the ‘littles’!

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  4. Hi Kat! I was trying to remember the other day whether I called them “lightning bugs” or “fireflies” when I was a kid. I like “flickering festive fairylights” ! Also “thieve and leave” (I like it better when they leave than when they stay!) What’s your next small subject? xo

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  5. Hooray for your fireflies! I’m thinking ants are going to inherit the earth when we’ve made it too uninhabitable for all else. It seems that the harsher our weather gets, the more ants we have in the yard (and trying to find a way into the garage and house!)


  6. I like both your poems, especially all those “f”s of the firefly one. Ruth,


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