Wonder (of wonders, I am here!)

I’m becoming reacquainted with my computer after a break through the Christmas/New Year period. There are so many things I could post – but I just can’t yet pull those thoughts together, so for today, I’m keeping it simple with a poem (right) inspired by a moment of wonder I experienced this week.

My last post mentioned snail eggs. Well – I have since hatched four clutches of snails! But the tiny snails that hatched this week were a complete surprise – and so small, they almost escaped notice! There aren’t many – but I spotted T2 busily laying more eggs today…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are more bubba snail pictures on my Instagram page – and lots of other things, too, actually. πŸ™‚ (I’m still basking in the beauty of yesterday’s sunset.) Click the montage to go directly and you’ll see I didn’t completely fall off the face of the earth, even though my blog was quiet.

And there are more poems on the Poetry Friday round-up, which you’ll find (with a jewel of a pomegranate poem) at https://ayearofreading.org.

Thanks Mary Lee for hosting the Poetry Friday crew this week. I made it! (Just…)


    • And the wonder of a blog comment when I woke – having totally forgotten I’d finally managed a post!😹 Tiny wonders are precious – and they add joy to our day… Our life! πŸŒ±πŸŒπŸ›πŸ¦‹ (And thank-you for pointing out the #lamipofri on Twitter. How could I have missed that!?🀣)


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  2. Your post pairs PERFECTLY with Irene’s! The wonder of these new lives, whole and complete and perfect in their teenyteenytiny selves…so small we can’t even see the details, but simply WONDER at their perfection. I’ve had snail pets, so I know, but, like Margaret, more recently have witnessed 2mm monarch caterpillars hatching from eggs the size of grains of sand that grow to index finger-sized and then transform. Oh, the wonders!

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    • It is the intricacy – and the perfection in miniature – that makes these tiny wonders so wondrous. I hadn’t actually thought about the size of fresh-hatched caterpillars. Wow. So tiny/frail. And so many little legs!


  3. Your delight in snails and all things related to their existence brings ME so much delight. The poetry of Kat brings experience to me the reader. I love it! And, I am still jealous that you get to celebrate Christmas in sunny weather. Enjoy!

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      • Thanks for the heads-up, Linda. I had seen that. But hadn’t made the connection to Wonder.
        Also, Christmas in sunny weather is hot! But we were by a pool this year, so that was rather lovely. There was some tom-foolery involved. πŸ™‚ (But I merely stood in the shallows and coolly observed – and took pics as evidence.)


  4. Kat, I love your tiny wonders as illustrated by your video-movie. T2’s pink shell is beautiful. I can see why you are filled with wonder. Welcome back to your blog. I’m going to check out your instagram account now.

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  5. Your poem is lovely! I love how the first line makes us pause, and how the whole poem is an invitation to slow down and mindfully notice the details around us. Thanks for sharing this today!


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