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The past many months I have been working on a project with the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature, and fellow verse novelist Sally Murphy, to create a resource related to Australian verse novels. I am so pleased to share that the project is complete – and far better than I ever imagined possible. In short, it looks amazing!

I am super-excited that theย Australian Verse Novel Resource is now live! Australia has a rich history with verse novels, and it is so good to have a centralised jump-off point for readers and educators alike, to find and read more and more of these wonderful books. I’m also proud that this resource can fly a flag on the world’s stage, for a genre that Australia has championed for so long.

The resource will be launched (both in-person and online) by the highly respected Aussie author of many genres, Jackie French, AM. The 5pm AEDT launch time won’t work for friends in the Northern hemisphere – but the Australian Verse Novel Resource itself is timeless. And I most definitely recommend that you check it out!


The Australian Verse Novel Resource provides a comprehensive listing of titles, including; annotations, themes, useful resources, awards and Australian curriculum. The Resource is intended to help educators, librarians, readers and academics identify and explore Australian verse novels. I’m pretty confident it delivers. ๐Ÿ™‚

In the lead-up to the launch I was interviewed by the lovely, knowledgeable and very generous Joy Lawn on her blog, Paperbark Words. It kind of feels like I’ve peeled back a portion of my skull, committing things to paper that I’ve not done before – but I so appreciate Joy’s questions and observations, and the way she had me both delving into the past, and considering future practises.


Be sure to have a cuppa on hand, because it is a longish read.๐Ÿ™ƒ

And don’t forget to check out this week’s links for Poetry Friday at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme. Because you can never have too much poetry. Thanks, Matt.


  1. How WONDERFUL! I’m just thrilled to know that this resource is available to people in Australia. You know, this resource of verse novels is one more string that ties us all together? I love it! I’m giggling a bit at the name of the book shop, The Book Cow. Ha! What a perfectly wonderful name for a book shop.

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    • I’m so glad that it is finally done! Quite aside from the fact that it was a mammoth task, I’d actually been wanting to do something like this for about 5 years. (When I say ‘like this’ I actually meant, a list of titles/authors/publishers/links – with book covers. Which barely scratches the surface of what the actual AVNR actually IS. It’s amazing! So valuable!!)


  3. Kat, you have been so busy! Congratulations for this new creation! I have read parts of your interview but am waiting for the rest because finally I have Bully on the Bus from my library! Am reading & enjoying!

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  4. Kat, congratulations on the work you have done to promote literacy. I started reading the interview and will continue to do so to find out more back-matter. You and Sally must make a wonderful team. I did not know that verse novels were so popular in Australia. I hope your project stirs some literacy hearts and comes stateside thanks to your team.

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    • I didn’t realise until recently that Australia published the first children’s verse novel. For sure, UQP (my publisher) championed the form long before they took off globally. There’s almost a history/literary lesson/blog post right there…


    • Oh, for sure, do, Janice. It’s an excellent resource – far better than I had imagined. (Thankful to have worked with a team who had the skills and the passion to take it in this direction.)


  5. Congratulations on this resource being available, the interview with Joy (she is good). I love the story of that little guy who had been hurt by a bully and how he got to read the book with the librarian as a reward. That was so precious.

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  6. Looking forward to being in the virtual lounge on November 25th Kat. I thank you for the alert regarding this significant event. Your efforts along with Sally and others suggests this will be a wonderful resource and further enhance the standing and significance of this genre.

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  7. Congratulations to you and Sally on this new Verse Novel resource, and all the best on the forthcoming presentation! Thanks for sharing the link to your interview with Joy Lawn, it’s marvelousโ€“loved how you described verse novels, “I think a verse novel is a treasure hunt in book form. You never know what little gems you are going to find.)” And I’m really looking forward to “What Snail Knows!”

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