A Whisker of Poetry

Could there be a better OpShop find? I will only talk in cat poems from now on.


life will be
little kitty –
like a tiger

(This untitled cunning whisker of poetry © Kathryn Apel – All rights reserved)

Feline Affection

mischievous cunning;

stripe like a tiger


(This wild whisker of poetry © Kathryn Apel – All rights reserved)

The lovely Irene will help you Live Your Poem – and share fabulous poetry inspiration from the whole Poetry Friday gang. Have a tigerific weekend. I’m excited for next week – a whole week talking books and poetry as author in residence at St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School … Swoon! Purrrrrfect!)


  1. I love these Kat! (I actually typed “Cat” at first – an appropriate typo ;-). I especially like the first one – wise words for the kitten in all of us.

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  2. Nope! Hands down BEST op shop find by a girl name Kat ever! I love this! At first I thought you found a box and altered it to look like cat poetry. But it’s a real thing! Of course, this is the beginning of something. Can’t wait to see more whiskers…now where do I find such a treasure in my local thrift shops? I will now keep my eyes open for this!

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    • I was working in the OpShop and had set them aside in a basket to buy at the end… and the basket was empty when I came back! I was momentarily devastated, thinking I had lost them. We were all very glad when we rediscovered them! (Hubby declared that they were perfect find – which was really rather lovely.)


  3. Indeed it is a ‘Kat’s Tale” of a post! I love it truly. My daughter & family have five & this will make a fun holiday gift. I’ll look forward to more “purring posts”, Kat!

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  4. PURRFECTION! Your poem described our chunky tiger perfectly. He expresses affection with his “pointy parts.” Not a snuggler, to say the least.


  5. What a find! This line cracked me up: “I will only talk in cat poems from now on.” Your cat-inspired poems are such a delight. I’ll stay tuned, hoping to see more.


  6. Kat, your post has reminded me to go in search of my magnetic poetry pieces. I went through a phase some years back where I ‘made’ a magnetic poems, photographed them and shared them on a semi regular basis. You have prompted me with your poems. Op shops often offer up unexpected treasures, no doubt about that. The poems juxtaposed in the photos with your op shop find works well.


  7. As a mother of 3 cats and a Kat, I love this poetry find! As an answer to your question on my PF post, I speak into the Notes app on my phone. They way Siri interprets my southern accent is crazy sometimes. Thanks for your optimistic enthusiasm.


  8. Dear friend, Kat, you whisper of poetry love. Who can believe you found this delightful kit to speak like a cat, Kat! Happy poeming to you. I am looking for an image poem for my fall gallery. Perhaps, your cat box will come up with a clever kitty whisper.


  9. Wow, Kat, what a great find. I love magnetic poetry words, and for a cat lover, these are so sweet. Have a blessed week as author in residence. How fun is that?


  10. This is such a great find, and so much fun! Several years ago I was gifted a set of folders that are magnetic. I filled them to capacity with a few different magnetic poetry sets and find the collection to be inspirational when the well is otherwise dry. A set of “cat lover” words would be a great addition, despite my being a dog person. Thanks for sharing!


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