Nothing… 😶

I’m rather delighted to share another short poem published on the  Dirigible Balloon this week. Contrary to what you might think, it’s a poem where I have nothing to say. Intrigued? You can read (and hear) more here.

I’m also excited to say that I’ve had a sneak peek at the new Australian verse novel resource that a small team of us have been working on – and it is amazing! I’m so excited that it is almost ready to unveil for the world. I’ve always known Australia has a rich history in verse novels, and appreciated the support of my publisher, UQP, who are so much a part of that rich history, but who knew that we (Australia) have published so many for children!

Here is an interesting fact I learnt this week, in a blog post by Steven Herrick on the release of his new novel, ‘How to Repaint a Life’. Steven writes;

I’d like to acknowledge Leonie Tyle and UQP, who twenty-five years ago had the courage to release the first verse novel for young adults ever published in Australia. They followed this a few years later with the first verse novel for children ever published. Both were happily written by me.

You can read Steven’s full blog post here;

Catherine at Reading to the Core has the Poetry Friday round-up for today. And I have lads home at intervals over the weekend, and a plan to enjoy our short time together again. But I will look to catching up with your posts, even if I don’t get to comment much this week. Whatever your weekend involves, I hope it is wonderful!


  1. “Nothing” is wonderful—and a poem that children and adults can all identify with. It’s heartfelt, sweet, and funny all at once. And I absolutely love what The Dirigible Balloon is providing for children and adults as a fabulous resource with lots of varied, terrific work!

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  2. Wow – nothing is definitely something 🙂 Great poem and lovely to hear your voice too! It seems an absolute age! And, like you, I can’t wait to get the verse novel resource out into the world.


  3. Ha! I love Nothing! So fun. I must share this with my students. I’m a definite Steven Herrick fan. His verse novels are so precise and clean. Hooray for the new resource. I delight is seeing your work expand. This means you’ll have to travel to US soon…well, post-pandemic soon. And, I’m just pining to visit Aus. sigh.


  4. Kat, a poem about nothing is just what the field needs for students to swoon over and adults to congratulate you on. Thank you for sharing the delightful poem and news about S. Herrick’s publications.


  5. Hi Kat, your title about nothing intrigued me, and I loved your poem about nothing too. Congratulations to Australia for being such a leader in verse novels. I love them, and I was just having fun searching for and reading your Big Blue Whale. Sweet!


  6. You’ve got such a creative knack, Kat, and it’s fun to see you dish up some poetic fun out of…nothing! It’s also always a treat to listen to you read your poems. Congrats!


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