Tetractys Stacks Up

Yesterday I commented to my husband that one of the poetry forms that brings me the most joy would have to be the tetractys. It’s just the right balance of challenge and choice. Form and freedom. Rhyme – or not. I often rue the fact that I don’t write enough just-for-fun-poetry these days, and I miss it. (!) The tetractys that prompted my comments wasn’t just for fun… but it was fun to write. And that’s when I realised that I was smiling – and breathing a little easier. And it’s always that way when I play with the tetractys. Those interlocking patterns unlock my jumble of things-to-do.

So – just for the joy of it, here is a tetractys that I did write just for fun, and just for friends. YOU!

you can count on 
fingers, toes and friends to keep you upbeat.πŸ’•

Β© Kathryn Apel 2021 - All rights reserved.

It’s appropriate that Elizabeth is hosting us at Unexpected Intersections this week. You’ll find more poetry goodness there – shared amongst friends.

Join us on 14th September, when Australia Reads. You can go anywhere, with a book! Books take you places. Where will you be when Australia Reads?


  1. Kat, I did not know about this new poetic form. You certainly make it fun to read yours. I just happen to be stressed. I am on week 6 of a sinus issue. Today marks the 4th visit to my internist’s group of doctors. More meds and let’s hope this time the issue will be knocked out completely. So I will inhale poetry along with the nasal spray. That will make me laugh. Reading will certainly set up all children!

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    • Oh noes. I’m gonna guess you’re feeling pretty miserable. Yes. I prescribe poetry. Plenty of syllables! And if it brings a laugh, that’s even better! Feeling better soon, Carol.πŸ’“


  2. How fun, how true, how good for you! Now I want to go play with words and make some tractys too! See what you started? So glad you could pop in this week for a hello. You sure seem wonderfully busy these days.

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    • I feel busy, Linda. Very productive, too, of late – which has been lovely! (Sometimes busy doesn’t feel as rewarding.😹) What a joy to read your post and picture you smiling in your library again. And to read this playful comment. Thanks for the smiles, my friend.


  3. Love this. I went hunting and found some other old posts and now I am putting the tetracyts on my list in my notebook of a new FUN form to try out. That and villanelles. Maybe I can alternate. I like your Stressed poem…because anything that leads us to poetry is a good thing. And can make life a lot more fun! Thanks, Kat.

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    • I have played with a villanelle – but I think my brain lumped them in with sonnets. (Tie my brain in knots!😹) Which means, I probably should make some time to extend myself again! (I would for sure need to follow-up with a tetractys!) Have fun with them both, Janet.


  4. I went immediately from your post to my notebook and played around with tetracyts. Fun! I can see why you enjoy this form! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your way cool ambassadorship!

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  5. This very week as part of Book Week I shared some Tetractys poems with young poets. They are fun to write as you say Kat, and their simple form makes them quite accessible. So I hope you are able to find more opportunities to enjoy your poetry life in this way in the days ahead. I have a number of short forms that I periodically return too. They limber the mind during those notebook sessions. They often lead to discoveries that can be used in other projects.

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  6. Ah, Kat, that is so sweet. I am adding tetractys to my list of poems to try. I took time to “inhale poetry” here and on your tetractys link. What fun! Did you create the original tetractys or adapted to make the homophone/homonym adjustments? Thank you so much for sharing!

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