Book Trailer – The Bird in the Herd

A quick post for me this week. I’ll use my words in the comments as I do the rounds of Poetry Friday.

The Bird was to spread its wings at the Brisbane Ekka, starting this weekend – and this trailer was made in preparation for that. Alas, you know what I’m going to say… COVID and cancellations go hand-in-hand. I’m so disappointed for everyone who has poured so much work into Ekka prep. It was so close! BUT – I am very much in favour of the lockdowns that help to bring outbreaks under control again. And I’m thankful to everyone who follows directives.

I’m not sorry I had some motivation to make this trailer. Hoping it will give all those who are in lockdown a breath of country air and goodness.🐮 A hoot and a toot to you!🤠 (You’ll also find it on the relevant pages under the Books and the Kids’ Stuff tabs – if you’re ever looking for it in the future.)

Mary Lee is hosting us this week – with a beautiful villanelle inspired by a wonderful clunker line by Linda Mitchell. Do click across and read it! I know many teachers who it would resonate with. But it’s not just for teachers.


  1. Kat, I love your adorable trailer of your Bird in the Herd book! Your book looks like so much fun! I’m sorry about your cancellations. Thank you for your country air and goodness. Take care of yourself. Hoots, toots, and meows back at you.

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  2. Oh, my gosh — so fun! I love the music and the illustrations with your fun and funny words. What a treat. Great job on a trailer! I’m so sorry you got this cancellation. I wish my own folks here would be more considerate of public health.

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  3. Well, you know I love your book & you did a marvelous job with the trailer, Kat! Sorry about the Covid cancellation, am worried about the US uptick! Yikes, won’t people find a way to do their best to help everyone? Hope better is coming for you!

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  4. Beautiful, Kat! I love the images and this cumulative tale you have written. Such fun rhymes. Lovely trailer. Sorry the event was cancelled. I love your good attitude and thankfulness for people following the directives.

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  5. Love it, love your book and love that terrific book trailer music. I know my kiddoes will love it. They love animals and fun and the continuing storyline will hold their attention. Cheers to being safe and happy Down under!!! And let’s pray this virus is eliminated or brought under control or medicine is found that is both very effective and not so costly. I am following a friend’s friend’s story at the moment and it looks grim. So so sad. I can see your smile in all of this and that is a gift, too!

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  6. Kat, I am sorry that COVID interfered in your plans. I love your trailer and will have to show my little granddaughters. I tried to save the video to my site and send it off to Twitter and FaceBook but something is blocking the sendoff. Did you know this? Sorry I did not send this off last night. I fell asleep while reading your post.

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