Terse Verse

Okay – so before I start today’s post, I have to say that this is my first day, squeezed into a block by WordPress! Gargh! I really did like my classic editor format, and I have I held out for as long as I can… but recently WordPress overrode my preferences, and we are now all in little boxes.๐Ÿ˜ข (I hope I can still manage to make my blog and posts LOOK like I’d like!)

Today, (which is Friday… Who knew?!?) I am joining the Poetry Friday rounds with some terse verse. Feel free to add your own in the comments. I think they’re a lot of fun – especially when…

Well, this was a surprise! (Big W Bundaberg)

How lovely that:
1) my son’s friend spotted it
2) his girlfriend modelled it, and
3) my son shared it!
You Look at the Calendar Expecting to See Thursday... But it Says FRIDAY...
Rhyme time. Sublime!

You've Missed Too Many Days and You're Determined to Join the Crew.
Hurry flurry.

You May Have Developed a Form for Times Such as This.
Yo! LaMiPo*. 

But Sometimes You Just Want to Stick to the Rules and Conform to a Form.
Coerce terse verse.

The Sun is Shining Over Green Grassy Paddocks and There's Water in the Dams.
New hue - true blue view.

Edits Come and Edits Go;
Begun. Done.

Sold out. New stock in store. And There are MORE! 
Look! Book nook. (Look! Look!)

The ToDo List is a Never-ever-ever Ending Story
Right! Write light. Write night.

You Know You're Going to Get a Feast of Friday Poets at Jama's.
Troop scoop soup. Whoop! Whoop!

Today’s round-up is hosted by Jama – where you will always find sustenance for the poetry rounds.)

Don’t forget to check out the Progressive Poem too, and see what our Case of Kindness has got up to!

* A short form of the LaMiPoFri. It was brought to my attention that there are last minutes (and poetry) on other days, too. Not just Friday. And I agree!

First post with the blocky-locks is now done.๐Ÿ˜…


  1. Your post is a breath of fresh air and energy, Kat! Fun, creative and simply you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so excited by the success of your newest book and that there’s water in the dams! Woot! Your terse verse is perfectly adapted to fit into small boxes ๐Ÿ™‚ Kat rocks the small box! Great post!!!

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  2. Ha ha ha ha! I love this, Kat. What a wonderful busy…including the rain! Yay! I love the fun you bring to my morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s been a bit of a flurry week here. I’m hoping to sleep in a tiny bit tomorrow.

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  3. I always know I will laugh when visiting your blog. This was a fun jaunt through terse verse. Congrats on the success of your labor of love. I think you handled the blocks well. I need to know how to do side by side like yours with the image and caption next to your verse block. Even after years with WordPress, I am still on a steep learning curve.


    • I confess, the image alignment was the thing that was worrying me most! I hope I can remember how I did it, next time. Sadly, I could not work out how to indent paragraphs. But putting the picture to the side negated the need for that. (The grey box is a box of ‘verse’. It’s an option. Which took me a little too long to find – but I got there.) One thing in the block’s favour – the ability to play with formatting in my caption. That is a new-and-good thing!


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    • Oh, me too, Bridget. Hoping I can get to town next week and spot it for myself! (You might also enjoy this Instagram story about my parents, in the same shop, hand-selling my book to a complete stranger!๐Ÿ˜นhttps://www.instagram.com/p/CMx2-35hyTx)


  5. LOVE this post full of terse verse. So much fun!! You did a great job with your first blocky post. As for me, I’ve been struggling with the new WP block editor for a couple of months and I hate it. Even the “classic editor” block isn’t the same as the old classic editor. Since I usually post a lot of images, it takes a lot more time to complete each post. Grrrrr.

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    • Oh dear… I was hoping it might improve with time, but your comment doesn’t leave me with much hope. Why must they break things that work beautifully! (If I wanted a blocky website, I would have chosen a blocky platform. But I like creative control.)


    • The funniest thing about that poem was that I didn’t even know about terse verse when I wrote it! (So glad you get so much joy from it, Michelle.) From your eggcellent verse, I can see we need to pop you on a pedestal, too. (But not a wall!)


  6. Oh I have enjoyed this so. First found at Molly’s and got over here pretty quick. Sorry about the block lock issue. I am thinking of starting a blog but this is making me think not WP…..I am going to do something very simple to start. Time will tell. I am new to the idea of terse verse , I think. (In school I called them Hink Pinks, so if I can switch my thinking I bet I can come up with some new types! I will give it a go. Have enjoyed this a bunch and plan to try more later.
    You are excited for the arrival of spring in the northern climes, but fearful blossoms won’t last long in the snow and rain:
    So click quick!
    Thinking you need to get out of the house more on these post vaccine days:
    Plan a great date, cleaning can wait!

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    • It sounds like you’re on a rhyming roll, Janet! (Hink Pinks… what a cool name. I’ve never heard of them – but a quick google says they are still a thing!) Please do not let my blocky-lock issues keep you out of blogging! It probably isn’t a bad system for someone to start out with – but I have always liked to manipulate my elements, and this new block style would seem to limit my creativity. That is why I’m annoyed. But it perhaps works for those who just want a simple platform? (I’m curious. Wondering what others would say.) BUT – I know I’d love to pop in and visit you at your blog!


  7. Blogger lately made changes, too, but I have figured it out, “at last, fast!” I liked your terse verse so much I read them twice, NICE! Seriously, I’m happy to hear about your book sales – no surprise though & your rain. I know you already know about our snow – yah! Happy times!

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  8. Kat, you and Molly gave me inspiration to find humor at the end of my day. Many thanks.

    A ToDoList is mynever-ending way to end a day
    With ughs and wishes after dishes.

    Stress is a mess that puts me to test.
    I wince and wine over many a deadline.

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  9. What a delightful post Katโ€”love seeing your books stacked high, quick hurry and wave bye byeโ€ฆ Good luck with the boxes I’ve been trying them out for a number of months, they do start to take a liking to you.


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