Lamipofri: Named and Framed

Today I’m sharing a new form of poetry with you. It’s called a lamipofri. 



heads alert
eyes watchful
they scent the moment,
hold pause –

then resume;


distant cattle
and a window into
my morning view.

Very rough draft © Kathryn Apel – all rights reserved.


By this point you are probably wondering; What is a lamipofri? It’s a poetry snapshot that’s quickly scribed, to give people an insight into the world around you at a given point in time – that point being the last minute as you’re scrambling for a Poetry Friday poem to post! Hence the name: LAst MInute of a POetry FRIday! The trick with the lamipofri is to pause, take a moment to look around and share that moment with others. But don’t take too long, or the moment will pass!

Next week, I’m hosting Poetry Friday right here! (You have no idea how many times I’ve scared myself, thinking the date has passed me by and I’ve missed it!) There will be no lamipofri next week! The really exciting news is that, between now and next Friday, I have a new picture book launching into the world, published by UQP, with vibrant, joyful illustrations by Renée Treml, and I am sooo looking forward to sharing more about that with you. For today, here is the cover, artwork by Renee and design by Jo Hunt.

Isn’t it glorious? Reason to smile, right there!

Almost 19 years after the first draft was penned, I will be as happy as a calf in rain, to share this with the world! (There is no rain in this book – but there is a calf, with a whole lot of sentiment attached!)

Thank-you to Karen at Karen Edmisten* for hosting us today. If anyone else is ever inspired to write a lamipofri, tag me in. (You’re not too late for today.😉)


  1. I want to hug you for this post! I’m so tired at the end of this day that I was thinking of taking a break from PoFri but just in time comes this new form. Excellent!

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  2. Kat, you are so funny. I love your lamipofri, especially “munching, mooching, mowing.” Yes, your cover page is glorious and I love that title! Congratulations! How is your cat? Both of my cats are sleeping instead of being in front of my monitor.

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  3. Ha! I love this “new” form you’ve introduced. I think I’m more familiar with it than anyone might guess. LOL. What a wonderful post. Many, many congratulations on your new picture book. I love the title and the unique view you give us of your part of the world. The illustration is full of energy. I’m ready for a fun read!

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  4. Hahahaha–I’ve written many Lamipofris. Brilliant, Kat! And ya know, even though your description is somewhat tongue in cheek, I love the idea of writing poems in the same way you’d use a sketchbook–just to capture the moment. And congratulations on your forthcoming book–can’t wait to see it.

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    • The beauty of the lamipofri is that the lamipo can apply to any last-minute poem, any day of the week! I love your sketch book analogy. The lamipofri is very much about a quick sensory capture.


  5. I guess I’m going to need to write this new “lamipofri” down for instances out my window, Kat. I love that you see cattle. Right now, I’m seeing crows! I love the cover of your new book, look forward to reading about that “Bird in the Herd”. Congratulations!

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  6. Oh, you are simply brilliant, Kat! Lamipofri for the win! I suspect we’ll see a rash of this form appearing in upcoming roundups. Thanks for elevating a last minute effort to an intriguing form. Congratulations on your upcoming book. I’m looking forward to hearing more next week.

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  7. A whimsical and inventive post Kat. Loved the anagram. Sing it and wing it and Bob’s your uncle! A clever response to a pressure situation. You have reminded all of us that we are unconsciously skilled for I have no doubt we have all written a Lamipofri without necessarily knowing what it was called. You have added to our collective knowledge.

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  8. Thank you for naming the form I’ve used so often…even this week! I love “happy as a calf in rain!” I’m adding that to “useless as the g in lasagna” as my favorite similes ever!

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  9. Kat, your spiffy new poetry form, lamipofri, is just right, especially for me who posted in the 11th hour of PoFri last night. That’s what happens lately to me since I have so much on my to do list to get myself ready for the big move to Virginia. Last minute is better than not at all, I think and with confidence can continue to proceed in this manner thanks to you.
    Your ending credit, very rough draft, made me laugh.
    I think my granddaughter will love your new book since she enjoyed the story of Amber so much.
    I look forward to next week’s posting and who knows maybe I will need to sleep into PoFri at the 11th hour again.

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  10. I love the lamipofri. I will definitely be using it in the future (and may have already done so without knowing what it was called!). Congratulations on the upcoming book launch. I can’t wait to learn more about it. I can’t quite see our neighborhood cows (and sheep) out my window, but I can usually hear them.

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  11. All the shared laughter in this post has been a delight. I’m pretty sure I will be seeing lamipofris popping up on numerous posts into the future – because who knew there were so many of us who indulged. (Or ummm… succumbed, maybe?) I know this isn’t my first – and won’t be my last!


  12. Congratulations on the new book!
    So exciting and the cover is so inviting.
    (Oh, a spontaneous Lamipofri, lol!)
    You made me laugh with your new poetry form. I’ve pulled lamipofris together in the past without even knowing I was adhering to a form. 😀 And I’m sure there are more lamipofris in my future. 😉


    • I thought later that I was a squidge too specific with the name – and that it should be shortened to a lamipo and cover all contingencies. Like Sunday.😹 Loving this peek into your day, Tabatha. Was that your illusive black squirrel?


  13. Wow, you really had me going with your lamipofri. I was studying it, trying to figure out what the rules would be, as I ask my students to do sometimes (except I generally give them more than one example of the form we’re working on). I love the lamipofri and will doubtless use it myself sometime. 🙂 Ruth,

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