Katrina Germein – Goodnight Poem

This week I’m sharing a pre-loved poetry treasure that I found in a local op shop. It’s one that was known to me, because it features my lovely friend, Katrina Germein. I had given a copy to my nieces many years ago – and now I have one for myself. Today I’m sharing Katrina’s poem in the collection, with illustrations by Katharine Lahn.


by Katrina Germein

Goodnight puzzle,
Goodnight chair,
Goodnight train set,
Goodnight bear.

Goodnight hammer,
Goodnight blocks,
Goodnight trousers,
Goodnight socks.

Goodnight bathtub,
Goodnight duck,
Goodnight turtle,
Goodnight truck.

Goodnight fingers,
Goodnight toes,
Goodnight tummy,
Goodnight nose.

Goodnight moonbeam,
Goodnight tree,
Goodnight stars …
and goodnight me.

(Shared with permission)

The book has since been rereleased in hardcover, with new cover and internal artwork by Doris Chang. You’ll find it on the Little Book Press site.

There’s nothing like a snippet of poetry to sing you gently into the weekend. Thanks Katrina, for letting me share, and Jone at Jone Rush MacCulloch, for hosting the Poetry Friday gathering this week. 


  1. It’s so soothing and lovely and just about my bedtime. I think I’ll just close my eyes for a minute and say goodnight to the things from my day too. zzzzzzzzz

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  2. This looks very beautiful, Kat. I love that next to last verse with “Goodnight tummy/goodnight nose”. I hope I can find it for a coming gift! Thanks much for sharing!

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  3. Thanks for sharing Katrina Germein’s poem, Kat. It is pure sweetness. Reminds me when my daughters were tiny and I’d have to help them say goodnight to everything and anything before leaving the their room for the night. *Sigh, a good reminder of a time when things were simpler… 🙂


  4. “There’s nothing like a snippet of poetry to sing you gently into the weekend.” I love this as much as the poem! Thank you, for sharing, Kat!

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  5. I’m so glad you all enjoyed Katrina’s poem. It is a sweet delight. Thank-you for popping in to visit on what was a very busy weekend away for me! (I need to play catch-up on the rounds this week.)


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