Poetry Swap – Thanks Robyn!

Thanks to Tabatha Yeatts‘ Seasonal Poetry Swap, this week I received a parcel in my letterbox from the lovely Robyn Hood Black. What a treat of poetry and gifts it was.

I loved Robyn’s poem, with the clever See Saw title. (It reminds me of a PB that released in Australia last year, ‘I See, I See‘ by Robert Henderson. Definitely worth clicking the link to see it! (I wouldn’t usually link to Amazon – but it has a sample of the inner pages.)) I soon saw that Robyn and I had thought alike when we approached our Poetry Swap this year. I think Margaret Simon is posting my poem to her today – so click across to her blog to see what I mean. (If you visited early, you’ll have blinked and missed itΒ  but it’s there now.😹) AND find the round up for this week’s great Poetry Friday posts! (Thanks for hosting, Margaret!)

But first, enjoy this See Saw, up and down, north and south poem, with Robyn. (And me!πŸ™ƒ)

See Saw

by Robyn Hood Black.
(Shared with permission.)



Peanut Butter?




White-tailed Deer?

Red Kangaroo.






We speak the same language, Robyn!

I was also delighted by the goodies that Robyn gifted me.Β After last week’s post, you’re probably not surprised that the Issa translation that resonates best with me is;

first winter rain
the world fills up
with haiku

And I adore the cat bookmark that Robyn found. Complete with cat AND mouse! (And even three fishes.) Savvy Cat took his modelling commission very seriously.

fish and mice
hooked by the
purrrrfect book

Thank-you Robyn. Your poetry parcel was a joy!


    • Giggling. I totally understand, Margaret. How lovely that your Nestling poems from last week hatched more poetry this week! And to answer your Q; with the influence of American books and TV shows, yikes and crikey are both in use here. πŸ™‚

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    • It may be because he wanders at night – and has to remain alert to predators, such as dingoes, etc. He sleeps very soundly by day! (Which is why he struggles when my son is home – constantly disturbing him with noise and attention. #grumpycat) Flerkin is such a lovely name!


  2. Kat – First, I’m completely smitten with your Savvy Cat. (Might I even use a pic in one of my product shots in my Etsy shop for this bookmark? Does Savvy Cat have an agent, or will you do?) Glad you enjoyed this little romp of a poem, and one of these days, I hope we’ll cross paths in the same hemisphere! Thanks for the link to Robert Henderson’s I SEE book – it looks quite clever and fun. Your poem on Margaret’s post is just gorgeous…. Funny, I had ended my own post today with Margaret’s link and a directive to “Row thee hence” – but I hadn’t read her post yet and didn’t know about the theme of your lovely gift to her. Virtual hugs from this corner of the world!

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    • I love everything about this, Robyn. Row thee hence indeed! πŸ™‚ I have conferred with the Savvy Cat and he has condescended (once I roused him from his nap) to give his approval for your use of his portrait on your gallery. (Let me know if you want me to send the pic individually. I had to screenshot them to get them together, so they would sit neatly side-by-side like this on the blog.) Thank-you again for your wonderfully thoughtful poetry swap. xx


  3. Thanks for this post, Kat, the haiku and making me run to my dictionary after reading Robyn’s poem to look up didgeridoo. I would never have guessed it was a “large bamboo or wooden trumpet.”


  4. I missed the Poetry Swap this year but am delighting in everyone’s sharing of the treasures, yours from Robyn included, Kat. The poem back & forth is wonderful, and your own Savvy Cat ad will delight everyone. Robyn’s shop holds many treasures!


  5. Oh, this is soooooo puuuuurrrrrrrfect. I do love the poem, See-Saw. What a wonderful poem of connection! After a rough week, this is exactly the medicine I need. People from different places celebrating common ground. Sigh. I’m so happy reading this post, I’m going to go read it again…and maybe again.

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  6. Kat, your cat is quite the model! Robyn’s swap is full of wonderful gifts. It’s great to speak the same language. I enjoyed your poem to Margaret. Have a great weekend. I am dozing off, so I bid you goodby..

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  7. Hi Kat, I read your beautiful poem on Margaret’s blog and I had to tell you I loved the back and forth images and “boats drift… hearts lift is a purrrrfect ending. I also love your pics of sweet Savvy Cat playing with the cat and mouse bookmark and your haiku! One of my cats, Tigress, who I call Little is purring standing in front of my monitor while I write this as I move my head around her to see if I’m typing correctly. Now, she is giving me the “when-is-it-my-turn-Mommy look. I like Robyn’s postcard poem, which is also a good back and forth poem and other gifts. His poem and your poem remind me of a conversation poems that I’ve seen in some books. What a cute concept I See I See is. I will have to come back to read your other post about Issa’s haiku. I love reading and writing haiku. Love that Issa haiku! Thank you for all your sharing. I’m happy I came over to find another poetry, haiku, and cat lover!

    PS LOL Now, that I read your blog I know I’m not crazy missing your poem on Margaret’s blog yesterday. I’m happy I saw it today! πŸ™‚

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    • I’m delighted to read this comment, Gail. So glad you and your Little Tigress could enjoy the poetry from both sides of the ocean. Robyn is something of a haiku aficionado herself, so you should pop across and check out her site, too. And her etsy store.


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