Poetry Swap Gifts to Give

Yay for Tabatha Yeatts and Poetry Swaps. With the email option this year, I took part in all five poetry swaps and it has been joy, joy, joy! I do just love the excuse to be creative for a fun purpose – especially when life is busy, as it has been, and any creativity is a chance to breathe and uncoil stress! So thank-you again Tabatha. I appreciate your swaps every time I am involved!

Today I am sharing my collection of gifting.

Between the first and second swap, I took part in an evening online birdie watercolour course with lovely Jess Racklyeft, an Australian illustrator, not because I have any talent; purely as a pep up for me during this trying year. It has pepped me up more than I could have imagined – and it became a fun theme to incorporate watercolour into my poetry swaps.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(The bee-eater was surprisingly difficult to capture! The bird in flight was my second attempt, but seemed to fall a bit flat, so then there was a third…  Lucky Jone scored 2&3 – twice!😹)

Of course, the double-bonus of the Poetry Swap is that you don’t just give, you receive, too. (That is always a delightful surprise, since I’m usually so caught up in the creating/giving!) Thank-you to the wonderful poetry friends who have brightened my days with their words throughout the past months. You can see them in my previous posts.

And because Christie missed out on a watercolour… and as a thank-you to Tabatha and all my gifters, here is a little piece of our farm in one more watercolour poem. The (unnamed) calf that posed for the pic is currently skipping around our house paddock, slurping mother’s milk, but the poem is inspired by memories of my bottle-fed babies, Cocoa and Amber and Dozer. Especially Amber, my beefy-red baby, with the prettiest eyes.

I’m about to head across to catch up with Molly at Nix the Comfort Zone , who has all the links to my lovely PoetryFriday peeps’ posts. See you on the Round-up!


  1. You really are quite the artist, too, Kat. I love playing with watercolor, although, it’s been a while since I did. The combination of poems and art is so creative. Thanks for sharing them all here.

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    • I was rather chuffed with that dragon, too, Tabatha! And the magpies. The calf has been tucked away since the week I did the watercolour evening. I was a bit dubious… I pulled it out last week, thinking it would make a nice slice-of-life for the above, and my hubby saw it, and wanted to know who did it. Would not believe it was me, because ‘it’s much too good for a beginner’. I had to produce the photos that inspired it before he would believe.😂It looks better with the poem beside it – helps to ground it.


  2. Kat, you dazzle me with your creativity and artistry. I was so excited to receive your wonderful Poetry Swap and thrilled to see all the other ones that you created. I am adoring your vibrant nature background. You surely are the Katswhisters!

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  3. Oh, so wonderful! I so understand your joy at creating. What an amazing pep up this is…your watercolor is lovely. I really enjoy the calf poem. Such a baby….such a sweet baby just being cute and fun to see. I really want to give the digital blackout poetry a try. Will you give some hints or tutorials on how to do that? It’s so neat! So many perfect lines…I like, “the secret’s in the fold” and, Stoke the drago. Oh, what fun you’ve had. Bravo!

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    • Thank-you, Linda.😊I think I should be the last person to give hints, because when the boys see how I manipulate the software they roll their eyes because there’s much easier ways to do things, apparently. For sure, they’re not efficient use of time!!! (Christie’s digital zentangle took 10 times as long as a pen&paper one!🙃)


  4. Hmm, I think you do have talent, Kat. These are all lovely, as are the colorful poems swinging along with them. But, your sweet calf is just so lovable. I do imagine you’re rather busy lately, too! Happy times!


  5. Wow, Kat! I saw your bee-eater watercolors last week (or the week before?) and was so impressed. You’ve amassed quite a collection of art over the summer. I’m so impressed by your additional talents and love how your poetry and paintings work together. How nice to have a happy Covid-based memory and I’m delighted to see you have a new calf friend in your life.

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    • Thank-you, Janice! I’m delighted you noticed that tail. I love the movement and personality in a calf’s tail. It can’t just hang still. For sure I am so thankful to live on a cattle property – even if I am scared of cows!!😹


  6. I love the pairing of poetry and art–so many treasures here! Before I read about your challenges with the beeeater, it had struck me as particularly vivid in the eyes and beak. And those calf eyes are sweet, especially alongside those excellent calf-y verbs.


  7. Your calf eyes poem took me right back to childhood visits to my second-cousins’ home on the farm! Those sweet slobbery faces!!

    Like everyone else, I’m in love with your watercolor+poem combinations. Stop selling yourself short…you ARE talented!!!

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  8. Thank you for this inspiring post, Kat! Your watercolors are amazing, and although I love birds, I adore your calf. All of your poems are wonderful. I especially love the impressive double acrostic and the great verb-noun combinations you use to describe that cute little calf.


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