Poetry Swap – Michelle Kogan

Life got very busy during July, with judging the Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards, editing books (one is off to the printer – Yay! and the other is very close!) and dealing with countless other deadlines – but I am now in the middle of two weeks of home-holiday; permission to recharge and refresh. Which isn’t always relaxing, as Wednesday proved. Click on the arrow (right) to see more of my ‘backyard’ – and one of our Aussie charmers.

The video was especially for my PoetryFriday friends. Usually I would holler-and-run … but the thought you might like to see this whopper red-bellied black snake, helped me be brave. 

Speaking of Australian animals… Michelle Kogan had some fun reading up on our critters, which she then worked into a gorgeous artwork and delightful poem for me, for Poetry Swap – courtesy of Tabatha Yeatts. There has been a suggestion that animals might have found shelter  in wombat burrows during the recent catastrophic bushfires, and whilst we don’t actually know if it’s true, we sure do want to believe it! This story inspired Michelle’s poem, ‘Burrow Sharing’ – and her adorable artwork, which she also sent as a signed print, and a trio of bookmarks.😍

I was spoilt with Michelle’s lovely themed gift-pack.

Poem and original artwork by Michelle Kogan.

This week we are gathering at Laura’s and Writing the World for Kids. (How appropriate!) I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve all been up to, as the rain lightly falls on my side of the world. I cannot think of better weather to settle in and enjoy PoetryFriday with friends.


  1. Oh, how wonderful! I love Michelle’s poem and artwork. I love the idea of leaving the dark behind, getting out and sharing with friends. But, pardon me if I don’t share with that red-bellied black snack. Oh my, what a slither it has. I would have skipped the kayak paddle too! I look forward to the MacKellar announcements. I have an inkling that judging for this prize is not easy. And, you seem the sort to give it your full attention. And, another book off to the printer?! Hooray! Any hints on the story? Please let us know when we can get our hands on a copy. I wish you rest, relaxation and some happy writing thoughts in your vacation.


  2. I saw about your adventure on Instagram, still am amazed you didn’t “cut and run”. We look often for rattlers when in the woods, but nothing like your black snake. You have been busy, probably a good thing, & Michelle’s art with her burrowing poem is wonderful treat. Wishing you better trails coming, Kat!


  3. What a video! That’s a scary snake! And the cows–you do live in an exciting place. Michelle’s artwork is gorgeous and I loved reading about animals sharing burrows, wombats burrows! I guess animals have an excuse to get better acquainted during bush fires.


  4. First of all, props to you, Kat, for: 1. not screaming while videoing the snake
    2. actually videoing the snake while it was slithering RIGHT IN FRONT of you!
    3. out running the cows!
    Hopefully Michelle’s artwork and poem helped you recover from such an eventful day (understatement).
    I do love me some wee wombats!


  5. What a magnificent creature you captured in your video–though I am glad it was you and not me face to face with that slippery stick. Michelle’s poem and artwork is delightful. I love the idea of burrow sharing. Best of luck with your books, and enjoy recharging.


  6. What an experience you had Ka–I don’t mind our friendly garter snakes but your red-bellied black snake, may have gotten a shriek out of me–thanks for the brave video! Good luck with your books, and thanks also for sharing my poetry swap.


  7. It’s been an eventful time up north Kat! Not helped by the fact that we share this island continent with so many venomous creatures. No doubt the arrival of Michelle’s poem and beautifully detailed illustrations would have been a balm to the rattled nerves. A broad, informative and engaging post.


  8. Wow. I’m excited about juvenile red-headed woodpeckers at the bird feeder and urban deer in the easement behind our…well, if you’re is a yard, then mine is a postage stamp!! Herds of cows! Gigantic venomous snakes! Kangaroos! Oy!


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