Poetry Friday Friends – IRL

My American adventure was funtabulous! Last week I showed some of the awesomeness of my ‘Bully on the Bus’ school tour. This week, I show you my Poetry Friday friends. I was sooooo looking forward to seeing everyone …Note: Memories couldn’t possibly be rosier than rosy reality.

Sunday: Portsmouth with Molly within hours of landing. Combating jetlag with a friend and a camera! The only thing better would have been more time.

After two weeks of school-visits (talking myself hoarse, then succumbing to sinusitis) I caught up with more Poetry Friday friends. I felt like I was the care package, nurtured and passed from one friend to another.💕

Saturday/Sunday: Walking the Manassas Battlefields and the Memorial Mall (DC) with Linda.

Monday: Slipped in one more author talk, this time at Stonewall Middle School – because author talks are always fun! And so is visiting a friend’s library! (I was intrigued by some of their takeaways.)

Monday: Linda briefly met Tabatha for the first time, before Tabatha and I took off for another day in the Capital (Library of Congress pictured) then home to Tabatha’s for more TLC.

Tuesday: Lunch and a meander through Ellicott City with Tabatha, Irene and Laura. There may have been shopping… Home to Laura’s with Irene.

Tuesday Night: Reading Night at Hammond Elementary School, presenting a session on shape poetry with Laura and Irene. Such a busy, buzzing evening! #glassesaremyfaveaccessory🤷‍♀️

Wednesday: Laura organised a behind-the-scenes tour of the newly renovated Enoch Pratt Library… and even the architects were on-hand. (We might have been models for a moment.😂)


Thursday: NCTE 2019 – Dinner with some of the Poetry Friday crew – and it wasn’t even Friday!

Friday: More food and poets. (Hi to Liz our host today, hidden up the back.)

Recognising faces in the conference crowd… no introductions necessary!

More NCTE faces and fun!

A powerhouse bookstore – literally!

Thank-you! For all that you all did. It was pure joy to meet you and talk face-to-face. Poetry Friday has long been my go-to recommendation for teachers (and poets), wherever they are in the world, because of YOU! You are an awesome support crew and inspiration.

Elizabeth Steinglass is hosting our Poetry Friday link-up this week, but before you rush across, let me share a sneak peek into ‘Soccerverse – Poems about Soccer’ by Liz – with illustrations by Edson Ikê. They’re all disciplined, playful poems – but ‘Instructions: to Field Players / The Goalkeeper’ are kicking g⚽️als with words!

Liz Steinglass and illustrator Edson Ikê score with this reverso.



  1. Oh, my goodness! What a rich post. I’ve scrolled through the photos a couple of times…and will again. You absolutely WERE the care package. It’s so great seeing you with all our friends. And, you got to meet Marcie! I’m so glad you met her. She is a dynamo and one of my best inspirations. Gosh, it feels like so long ago. And…..Library of Congress…and Poe…I really don’t think you could have done better. What an amazing trip. I hope you’ve rested a bit and are having fun with all the ideas and words that are sure to come out in your writing. I feel so special having my photo with the famous Kat Apel!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I frequently revisit my pics, Linda. So many happy memories captured in a moment. It was amazing – and I’m so glad I got to spend such precious time with you. Thank-you! xx PS I met Marcie briefly. Didn’t even get to chat. But we met! (And I just discovered her on Twitter, too.) PPS I have been writing this week. Your comment last week was just the nudge I needed to focus.


    • Yes! A family indeed. Our Friday Family. 🙂 It would have been lovely to meet up with you, Kimberly. I was astounded with all the familiar faces at NCTE – many more than I’d anticipated!


    • Oh, I knowwww!!! Me writing this post and missing you!! I just wanted to put all the photos in. (I didn’t.😂) They were special days. I sure am hoping we see you in Australia, soon!! (My hubby still can’t believe I did the crab cakes. Just as well we got that photographic evidence!) Big hugs. xx


  2. This is an awesome post, so filled with friendship and good times together. I loved seeing so many poets known only by their posts here, except for Matt who lives in my neighborhood! I like your Poetry Friday poem and so admire Liz’s Reverso poems.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh – so I must have been close to your neighbourhood, when I had my week in New Hampshire and surrounds, Joyce. (Because Matt was noting that he’d had to drive 9hrs to catch up, when we’d previously only been an hour apart.)


  3. “Funtabulous” yes, thanks for sharing all these fantastic pics and taking me there with you Kat–what a rich adventure you all shared. Loved the pics of you and Irene thinking with Edgar Allan Poe! And I loved Liz’s and your “Yay day” poem-a positively perfect post!


  4. I’m wondering now how I missed this fabulous post of your trip to America. I was so thrilled to meet you face to face and have a chance to bring home a copy of your wonderful picture book about your dear pet. My 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter loved the story and was able to retell it to me as she went from page to page, Kat. Thanks for sharing all the photos with me in them and with many other Poetry Friday friends. I know that you have fond memories of NCTE19 as I do of you being with us.


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