Poetry Swap – and Continent Swap

Gorgeous envelope! And stickers to live by.

Life is a whirlwind, and I’m caught in it! But how wonderful to have mail from Iphigene arrive today – giving me the perfect excuse to join in the Poetry Friday party!

Winter in Melbourne inspired Iphigene’s poem.

Living Winter
by Iphigene Daradar

If we breathe in this cold air
Would we not wake up?
Shiver and come to surface
Hold ourselves close
Until the warmth in our bellies
Heat our limbs
Blood coursing through
Our veins telling us
We are alive

This living, unfamiliar
A first Australian winter
Of rain and wind,
Wind and rain,
Pounding through
my coat, my doc
Martens and useless
Layers my tropical
Ignorance believed
Warm enough

And yet, I walk through
Hours of gardens
And sanctuaries
Filling my lungs
With mother nature
Expanding my chest
The chill biting
Through fingers
Wind reminding me
I AM alive,

Why I AM alive.
Encountering different,
Fish out of water
Thriving in the cold
Knowing, this is living
A contrast of warm
Skin against icy winds
Reminding, life
Is worth
All of it.

© Iphigene Daradar 2019

Such a lovely refreshing breath of poetry! Thank-you Iphigene. The second verse is particularly striking a chord for me as I’m packing for Autumn in America. My lovely, helpful friends are saying ‘pack layers  it won’t be that cold’  but then tell me temperatures to rival winter in Qld! I’m packing LOTS of layers!!! 🙂

Karen Edmisten* has the Poetry Friday link-up for today. I’m looking forward to skipping through and catching up with you all online  and I can’t wait until I link-up with lots of PoetryFriday friends in real life over coming weeks! Excited? Much!


    • I have lots of layers packed, Michelle. Now I find myself wondering, how warm can a house be in the middle of chilly-cold autumn? Surely not toasty-warm – right? (I’m guessing I will know very soon!)


  1. The stanza with Why am I alive is so beautiful. I agree with everyone but I also love the sensory images in stanza 1. I wanted to meet up with you at NCTE but I am not scheduled to arrive until Thursday, Kat. Thanks for sharing Imogene’s wonder-filled poem.

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    • I don’t think snow is expected – but I am packing a coat. I would have liked it to be full length or 3/4… but I don’t have one and haven’t been able to find one. So hopefully what I have is warm enough! (I survived Antarctica (from a ship) – so hoping???)


  2. Iphigene’s poem is a breath of fresh air! Enjoy your trip to this side of the world. It’s funny how temperature (or our experience of it) can be so subjective. My parents (from the US South) freeze when they come to visit us in Indiana winters. My brother in AZ freezes even faster!

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