World Penguin Day Poem – Adélies

Technically yesterday was World Penguin Day – but since yesterday was ANZAC Day, deserving of its own reflective contemplation and gratitude, I’m running to American time and posting my penguin poem for Poetry Friday.

A number of years ago I was given Irene Latham’s name in Tabatha’s Yeatts’ Poetry Swap – which absolutely thrilled me, because not only is Irene such a beautiful person, but we also share a love of Antarctica – and we had in fact just done our own little book-swap earlier that year… with Irene sending me her picture/poetry book, ‘When the Sun Shines on Antarctica’. (I just hunted up the post I did at the time of receiving Irene’s book, and funnily enough, it was just-on two years ago.)

My favourite poem from the book was, ‘Adélie Seeking Adélie‘… so when I was given Irene’s name in the poetry swap, I knew what poem I was choosing for my mentor text. For whatever reason, I never did get to share it on my blog – so I’m sharing it here today.

Irene’s poem runs down the left. The photo is just one of my (many!) faves, taken from our time in Antarctica, earlier that same year. (You have no idea how much that holiday has influenced my writing – or how much I still yearn to go back… (It is like a physical tug inside me, I tell you!))

Carol Varsalona is hosting Poetry Friday at Beyond Literacy Link. I’m sure she will have a whole bunch of poetry treasures for us. And don’t forget to get up-to-date on the Progressive Poem, with Linda @Write Time. Not many days left, now!

In the meantime, scroll through some penguin hashtags and enjoy these shuffling, sliding, soaring, sleek little characters. Like these two!🐧🐧 (I would include the original @AusAntarctic post, if I could find it, but alas…)


    • How unintentionally in sync we are this week, Tabatha – me posting about a previous swap, as you put out the invitation for a new swap. (Count me in! They’re so much fun.) So glad you liked the poems. Hoping they’ve resulted in many happy penguin pairings.


  1. Although not even close to the same, we have penguins at our zoo & love watching their antics. It’s great you wrote a companion poem to Irene’s, too, love “neat gal with sweet pink feet”. Going there must be a wonderful thing as you wrote, Kat! I’ve written a penguin poem, too, so hope you don’t mind if I share!

    Paternity Patience

    The emperor penguin does not ignore

    His given chore, of perilous paternity.

    He stands and waits. He waits and stands.

    It seems for all eternity.

    While the momma empress swims for need

    And gobbles feed, expressing her maternity.

    She glides and dives; she dives and glides.

    It appears with taciturnity.

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  2. Kat, in your whimsical way you captured the voice of a male penguin quite adeptly as a response to Irene’s delightful poem. I like how you used her poem as the mentor text, mirroring her thoughts with a fresh take on what the male is looking for: sweet gal with pink feet. Charming!

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  3. Oh, my gosh! So fun. I think this is an excellent idea for a book….pairings of poets and pairings of animals. Let’s talk to Tabatha about this kind of swap!

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  4. Oh my, Kat! I love, love your poem (and Irene’s). This is so good on so many levels. And I agree with Linda Mitchell. There’s so much potential for it (as a pairing) in the classroom. Your background photo is breathtaking.

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    • I have some lovely close-up pics of the penguins at Falkland Islands (in mud – not ice) but I must admit, there is something super-special about the more distant Antarctic pics. They bring back mood, as well as memories. (A hush of reverence.)

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  5. I love the penguin cuteness that fills my screen right now. Your poem is the perfect response to Irene’s. And I have to admit that I am jealous of your trip to Antarctica. I’ve only been through books and photos and hanging out at the penguin exhibit at the zoo.

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  6. Oh, I love penguins. We saw them when we visited southern Chile, a high point of the trip for me. I absolutely love your poem that you wrote for Irene. It’s so exciting to see how creative our Poetry Friday friends can be. You excelled with this one!

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    • Thank-you, Ramona. It is exciting to see all the creativity – especially seeing ‘newbie’ poets blooming with confidence and beautiful words! And lucky you seeing penguins in Chile! We saw them up close on Falkland Islands.


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