Wrapping Up #MoPoetry2019

For #PoetryFriday I offer you the final week of #MoPoetry2019 Insta-poems. You can read the full collection to-date on my Insta page, @Kat.Apel.

Day 25:

Day 26:

(The second pic with the final stanza from ‘My Country’ – including strike line.)

Day 27:

Day 28:

Day 29:

Day 30:

Day 31:

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Ending #MoPoetry2019 with a #haibun for my girl; Amber. Twenty-two years of loving and I can still see that little poddy and the longing in those eyes – though her steps are much more laboured now and there’s no tail-wagging, frisking with delight. —– I’ve not done a Month of Poetry quite like this, pairing pictures and poetry each day. It’s been fun and I've loved the deeper level of creative play it has inspired! Thank-you to all those who played along, either sharing your own poems💕, comments or likes. It's been interesting/encouraging hearing your responses, and seeing which insta-poems resonated with you. Maybe I’ll scatter some more Insta-poems on my page throughout the year… #MoPoetry2019 #haibun #InstaPoetry #poemaday #authorsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poetrygram #poetry #thankyou #myworkisdone #scaredofcows #notscaredofAmber #ruralQLD #coungrygirl #farmersdaughter #grazierswife #beefcow #droughtmaster #grazier #ruralQldphotographer

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In a nutshell, a Month of Poetry looks like this…

Thank-you for letting me share each week retrospectively through the PoetryFriday posts. It’s been so much fun reading your comments – and knowing what you’ve enjoyed, and why. It’s also been lovely sharing snippets of my daily life with you. Special thank-you to those who have taken part at different stages – either using the #MoPoetry2019 hashtag on instagram, or by messaging their poems to me. Sharing is fun!

This week we’re The Opposite of Indifference – in fact we are (as always) in LOVE … with poetry.😍 You too can share the love, with more great #PoetryFriday posts on Tabatha’s blog.



  1. Wow! What a collection of poems and images you’ve created this month. You’ve certainly ended as powerfully as you began. That golden shovel packs a punch! “withered to scorn”–what a great phrase! I also love the idea of a “cloud” of finches. Thanks, Kat, for sharing these beauties with us!

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  2. Each one a gem for your #mopoetry necklace, Kat. I missed a few, love the ‘dressed in tweeds’ & did see & enjoyed learning about that ‘bag of twigs’. It was fun writing a few with you! Happy February!

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  3. Kat, I am so glad that you shared your #MoPoetry2019 with me and perked my interest in writing with you. Your collection is amazing. I missed this week but I am glad that you caught me up. From word play to golden shovels – all your work sparkled. The animal poetry was very interesting.

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  4. What a fantastic post Kat, so many poems I liked here especially that black and white imposter–looks like it’ll just right out at you! I loved seeing them all gathered up in a calendar fashion–maybe they’ll transform into that…

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    • That photo of the peewee was taken moments before it took yet another swoop in to intimidate the imposter reflected in the glass door. After trying for a couple of days to sneak up and click a pic out the partially opened screen door, this day I just decided to snap it through the screen… and it worked! (I got a few pics, but this was easily my fave.)


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