So Much Goodness!

One of the nicest things about the Poetry Swap, organised by Tabatha Yeatts, is that you’re so focused on thinking of someone else (the recipient of your poetry gift) that you completely forget that someone, somewhere, is thinking about you. Until one day… a package arrives in the mail.

That was me on Thursday, when a box arrived for me – from Rebecca Herzog. That was a name I recognised! I opened the parcel as we were driving to Bundaberg… and what a treat it was!

Rebecca wrote three poems – each one inspired by a dice game she had created, and included, as my gift. There are 5,832 possible combinations using the cards – which Rebecca informs me, is a poem a day for almost 16 years. What fun!

Road tripping with the Poetry Dice Game.

Novel Teas – I love this!

Not one, but three, very different poems. Blessed!

The first poem I saw was the Eucalyptus acrostic. I think there may be Eucalypts in America? (I googled – and see that yes, they were introduced into California, during the Gold Rush.) For sure we are surrounded by them on our grazing property! But I have to confess, my personal favourite is that little cardinal. These we do not have in Australia – but I adore that wee cherita!

As a gift, it was all kinds of perfect, and I say a heartfelt thank-you to Rebecca, for sending so much joy over the ocean. I will think of you often as I sip tea and play poetry dice. If I can write poems as delightful as yours, I will be thrilled.

You can read more poetry goodness onย Buffy’sย Blog, where you’ll find the Poetry Friday round-up this week.

Also this week, I updated my Bully on the Bus book trailer, to fit the American market. It has a permanent home on my blog under the ‘Books’ > ‘Bully on the Bus‘ tab, but for today, you can watch it below. ๐Ÿ˜€

With Christmas so fast approaching, I leave you with some pics taken at Bethlehem Live, which is on for one final night in Bundaberg. Such a beautiful way to get into the Christmas spirit and mix and mingle with members of our community. I love it!

Wishing you all a blessed and safe Christmas.


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  2. I am so glad that you liked the game! I always worry how something will go when I handmake it. The cherita was my favorite of the three as well. When i rolled the tree poem, I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

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  3. I hit post before I was done! When I rolled the tree poem, I knew I wanted to pick a tree that was pretty common in Australia. Happy to hear you have some nearby! Merry Christmas!

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  4. What a beautiful and fun and thoughtful package. I love each and every bit. The poems are lovely….that cherita is perfect. I have really enjoyed the swapping and getting to know poets world wide. Thank you, Rebecca and Kat for such a lovely holiday poetry celebration. Kat, you’ll have to let us know how the game goes!

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  5. I just received my swap from Erin yesterday, all the way from your land, Kat. It is so special to receive the swap surprises. Rebecca created a wonderful one for you. I love the cherita, too, often lament our lack of cardinals here in Colorado. They are indeed ‘red hot coals’ when we see them. I enjoyed your new trailer & the festival looks wonderful. Happy Christmas to you & your family!

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    • I look forward to playing the game and sharing some poems, Buffy. I can see I’ll need to do some research first, though, as there are poetry forms included that I’ve never heard of. Poetry is a gift that keeps on giving! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. What fun and treasured-filled gifts, and wonderful poems you received Kat, in your winter poem swap from Rebecca. I like that Cardinal Cherita too. Though I am particularly taken with the Eucalyptus as I’ve written and painted about the Eucalyptus we have here in the states in CA and how it has really turned into more of an invasive plant. Clever to see how Rebecca planted that word in the center of her poem! Love the trailer for “Bully on the Bus.” Your holiday festival in Bundaberg looks Charming, Enjoy, and thanks for all!

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    • Oh – that is so fascinating; that our beloved Eucalypts have transplanted to become an invasive plant. Yet introduced species often have that reverse-effect. I loved the backstory to Rebecca’s chosen plant. The poetry swap is so much fun!

      And thank-you for your thoughts on the trailer, and Bethlehem Live. Enjoy your Christmas season.

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  7. 5,832 possible combinations? How does one figure that out? I see numbers and my mind shuts down, but it’s nice to know you can be inspired each day for more than a dozen years.

    I, too, was the recipient of a fabulous gift mailed from miles and miles away. THANK YOU, Kat! If it’s okay with you, I will celebrate it next Friday on my blog. Merry Christmas and a peaceful new year!

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    • I trusted Rebecca on the numbers, because they are definitely not(!!) my thing! (Actually, I figure there’s potential for a whole lot more poems, because you could get the same combination two (or more) times … and write something completely different each time! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

      So glad my gift arrived in time – and yes, would love for you to share it next week. Wishing you peace, joy and hope for Christmas and the new year.


  8. I want to hear more about this poetry dice game! It helped Becky create some fun poems for you! I love the internal acrostic for eucalyptus.


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