Cat Call – Me? Ow!

Sliding into the Poetry Friday round-up with a cat-themed poem, and a hint of Christmas. (That is my Christmas tree box and tinsel sprinkled on the floor.)

What cat doesn’t like to hide in boxes? (And what human can resist those poised paws, and twitching tail!)

Our cat has been affectionately dubbed many things, but methinks Little Lion and Tiger may be the most accurate… Those claws!!

You’ll find the full round-up of poetry-packed posts atย Laura Shovan’s blog.ย Or you can stay and play with SavvyCat … who really does have the twitchiest tail.


  1. What an irresistible post! And kitty. I miss my kitties. That photo on top is hilarious and I wondered at first, is that really Kat’s cat? SavvyCat has the purrrfect name, too. Merry Christmas to you and your crew – human, feline, whatever else you’ve got around there… :0)

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    • He was a savage little spitfire when we caught him, Robyn – the tiniest ball of fluff with the throatiest growl! Between that and his savvy-instincts, it seemed appropriate. So glad you enjoyed. And Merry Christmas to your household, too!


  2. I’m sitting here with a cat on my lap and a cat by my computer, and they both agree that SavvyCat is most photogenic. I love the rhythm and word choice in your poem. Those “ginger socks” are both sweet and serious! Thanks for a delightful cat-filled post and all those wonderful photographs!

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  3. We haven’t had a cat in many years and your post makes me miss their special kind of playfulness. I love the ginger socks (our ginger boy was named Nutmeg) and the “stealthy finger lingers.”

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    • Ha! When was trying to get pics of the claws, he was surprisingly reluctant/nervous. ๐Ÿ™‚ And in the end, Savvy moved so fast that I couldn’t get a clear pic, anyway. #needmorepractise #willtellhubby


  4. I too love those ginger socks. There is something very fun and irresistable about a cat wanting to play. We call it “buggy eyes” here. When our cat has buggy eyes it’s play time. You have a wonderful sense of fun in this. I love all the sound words. What a great PF place for me to begin.

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  5. Boxes and cats. You have highlighted the fact that our pets gain much joy from the simple things in life. I once had a cat that used to cough up fur balls in my running shoes..Maybe it was the shoes.Hhmm? On the news last night they talked about the astronomical amounts of money people spend on pets at Christmas. Pets have more spent on them than Grandfathers! Let’s give them boxes! -the pets that is, not the Grandfathers.

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    • Grinning, Al. I have this theory; give kids blocks and books, to fire creativity. I probably could/should add ‘boxes’ to that list. (Though grandfathers probably prefer chocolates (or licorice) in their boxes.)


  6. We have a long-haired ginger boy who loves his boxes and his roughhouse play with Cat Dad. We keep his claws clipped (have to lightly sedate him once a month to accomplish that!) for the safety of our hands! The intensity of Savvy’s gaze is very familiar. Play is really hunting practice for cats, isn’t it?!?

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    • Maybe I should look into claw-clipping, Mary Lee. I’m always a bit nervous, clipping others’ nails… (We had a cow who needed her toenails clipped, many years ago – and it was never my favourite time. Hubby did it. I just calmed the cow.)

      (Have just watched a video on cat-claw-clipping… Yet to talk hubby into taking that risk! ๐Ÿ˜‚ #workingonhim)


  7. More connections between us this week, Kat! Three things:

    1) I wonder if you know this book: (and now I see it’s likely, since it’s a NZ title, which I never knew–thought it was English!) . I once wrote a love letter to my spouse of 28 years based on this book.
    2) My son, in fourth grade, caused *uite a stir among the parent audience when, due to a new retainer, announced his poem at the Poetry Tea with the title “My Cat Likes to Shit in Boxes.”
    3) Your poems reminds me of my poem in PUMPKIN BUTTERFLY:

    Most Realistic Costume Award

    Trick sneaks under the gate
    queen of scratch queen of screech

    laying low
    slipping spilling chasing treats

    crouch creep

    pounce! sheโ€™s got one
    sheโ€™s caught it like a bird
    in her sugarsharp teeth
    a little candy bird flapping
    cellophane wings

    Trick sneaks under the gate
    howl-yowl queen of prowl

    far near disappear

    Love seeing your ginger kitty!

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    • I do know that book! Only because it was one of (too too many) books culled from a school library, that I couldn’t bear to bin… and acquired! Until then, I’d never actually seen it – but I for sure think of it often when ‘my cat likes to hide in boxes’!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Your son’s story is alarming and funny! And your poem a crinkly-sweet delight. Thank-you for sharing all your treasures!


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