Thank-you, Mr Postman

My mailman has been unusually busy of late, which has been quite lovely. And I’ve been a bit slow in posting them – to the blog… So, here goes;

1) Imperfect – poems about mistakes an anthology for middle schoolers, edited by Tabatha Yeatts. (Available online here.) I’m chuffed to have my poem, ‘Scared of Cows’ included in this, alongside so many lovely Poetry Friday pals. Yes, as most everybody knows, the farm-girl-married-a-grazier is still scared of cows! (The poem is about my mistake – that led to this enduring fear…)

2) Author copies of the American edition of ‘Bully on the Bus‘ arrived. You may spot the difference quicker than I did…

Spot the difference!

3) ‘Big Blue Whale’ was included in the English for Primary workbook, for Year 7 students, published by Gyldendal Undervisning. It’s been paired with poems by James Carter and Kenn Nesbitt, to inspire kids to write their own shape poem.

4)  A lovely poetry swap from Amy LV. Along with her poem, a wish for ‘Today’, Amy, the Queen of Notebooks, sent 4 gorgeous notebooks. If this is what American notebooks look and feel like, I’m not surprised you all love them!! The paper quality! #swoons I have been meaning to give this notebooking a serious try – and now, thanks to sweet Amy, I have no excuses! Funnily enough, when reading Amy’s poem I was thinking there was little chance of pinecones in my day… and admittedly I wasn’t walking, BUT – on a drive two days later, I spotted a fat pinecone in the middle of the road! Made me smile. Thank-you, Amy, for your dreamy poem and gift – and Tabatha, for organising this fabulous joy-spreading swap. 🙂

Thank-you Mr Postman! I can’t imagine there will be anything anywhere near this exciting for quite some time, now.

And in a nice little touch of synchronicity, this week PoetryFriday is hosted by Molly at Nix the Comfort Zone. I wonder if her postal-person has delivered a little poetry swap package from me! Thank-you for hosting us, Molly!



    • It is the bus! #winner I’d seen it online and thought there was ‘more red’ – then the books arrived, and hubby took one look; “They shrank the bus.” Well so they did! 😂Yes, there are some internal changes. We’re having a round-up – not a muster. And the paddock is a field. And a few food names. But it kept the Aussie birds! And I had to laugh, because Australia and America obviously have different rules of hyphenation; if we had a hyphen, it went out – but came back somewhere completely different! 🤣 #andafewmorethings


  1. A bonanza! How fun to go to the mailbox and find these treasures. It is so fun to see a poem in a published work. I don’t have many…so I cherish the few. It makes me laugh, too. Because, usually, once I write a poem it’s done for me. To see it again is funny to me. I love the shape poem. I’ve been thinking about those lately. I think it’s time I tried one. You give me good ideas. Thanks for your good news. It warms my heart all the way over here!


  2. Some days we wait with the expectancy of a child when anticipating the special magic the postman delivers. Congratulation on these various publishing successes Kat. It delivers an energy that is difficult to quantify.

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  3. I’m going to put the American edition right next to the Aussie edition on my shelf and challenge readers to read both and find all the changes! We’ll start with the cover!

    What a lovely poem from Amy LV.


  4. Kat, your fabulous package of poetry goodness arrived via my mailperson last week ! Woohoo! I can’t wait to share it next week, as it’s all things wonderful. I’m also dazzled by the bounty you’ve shared here. I love Amy’s warm, well-wishing poem and am thrilled with all your exciting publishing news! Congratulations!

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  5. The bus is elongated, in addition to being larger AND your name is lower; and your first name and last are not lined up in the same spot. That was fun!
    What a beautiful wish package from Amy! Bet you can’t wait to get some words placed in those notebooks!


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