Bystanders and Bullying – Longford Primary Presentation

The Northern region of the Tasmanian Reader’s Cup used ‘Bully on the Bus’ as one of their set texts this year. A creative response component required readers to prepare a creative response to one of the books. The D’Reados, from Longford Primary School, chose ‘Bully on the Bus’ for their creative response, and not only did they achieve a perfect score for their dramatic presentation (Well done!) but they also had a strong impact on audience members, and later, online viewers, with their take on bullying – and the role of bystanders. Not a retelling of the book by any means – but a powerful presentation on the theme. I am so thrilled with what they have produced – and blessed/amazed by the fact that something I wrote has inspired such a thought-provoking representation!

Click the pic to view the video on Longford Primary’s Facebook page.

By being a bystander, you have the power, and the opportunity, to do something about the bullying.

Take that truth and spread it wide in the world, D’Reados! 

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Video Link;


    • I can’t find the word to describe my feelings at how wonderful it was, Michelle – but blessed/chuffed/warmed/soul-satisfied… maybe? (Is there a word that says all that?)


  1. Kat, that video was amazing. Really great interpretation on the part of the kids. And, I love their use of costuming to enhance their message. Wowsa! You must be over the moon with this kind of feedback. It’s really the whole reason for writing, isn’t it?! Many congratulations. This is a prize, baby!


  2. I love the creative way those kids interpreted the way bullying happens and the mixed emotions of the challenges of staying in a group, pulling away to do what’s right. And it is wonderful to have them respond to your book’s message so beautifully. Thanks for sharing, Kat!

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    • Sometimes it’s easy to be swept along by the group – and tricky to then take a stand. But so important! I like the fact that they acknowledge that ‘bullies are mean and selfish – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t nice people on the inside’. We all make mistakes.


  3. The anti-bullying message can always use another messenger and I’m glad your book will be taking on that role over here. We need all the help we can get!

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  4. Wow! That is a powerful interpretation of the theme of your book! I was SO excited to get a US edition review copy! Can’t wait to share with readers of our blog!!


  5. People just don’t want to get involved. They want to stay out of it. Be neutral. The thing is though, that the victim does not see it that way. They feel further isolated because no-one helps. Maybe the ‘neutrals’ are on the side of the bully?
    I wrote a piece about adult bullying called ‘Serenity Now’ in my blog.


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