Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival

During April I was involved with the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival – which would have to be up there as one of the biggest children’s festivals on earth. SCRF2018 was a fantastical, fun and sometimes frenzied (in the best possible way) celebration of creativity in all forms, and it was an incredible experience to be involved with! No matter how I explain it, (or how many pics I collage) you won’t be able to imagine the enormity of it, or the complete and utter w-O-w factor … but here are a few pics that might convey something of the festive feeling … or at least, my little poetry-part of it.

I did get out and about to explore some of the local area and attractions – but that’s a whole bunch of other photos! Another day… Meanwhile, my tip is this: If you ever get the opportunity to present at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, leap at it! It will exceed your wildest expectations. Thank-you so much to all involved. You were magnificent!


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