Willie Wagtail Lai

Last week Laura intrigued me with her gorgeous Jellyfish Dance. I’d not heard of a lai, and was keen to try it. Then I snapped this pic of two willie wagtail chicks, so thought I’d pair them. It’s not altogether successful – but it’s all I have for you this week! 🙂

Thanks to Diane at Random Noodling for hosting this week’s Poetry Friday round-up!


  1. You have combined your poetic and photographic skills so effectively here Kat. As well as that you have broadened my knowledge of poetic forms by sharing your Lai poem. It’s so good when you make a discovery that chips away at your ignorance a little…


  2. I liked Laura’s lai, too, Kat, and now you’ve written a wonderful one, too. I love how young birds have their eyes closed, snuggling in and “feathering the nest” as you wrote.

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  3. Very fun! You make me want to try a lai! (And it makes me feel like the whole world is in balance when I know that you are watching chicks hatch while we shovel snow!!)

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