Quoting the Kids

A little child shall lead them – up the garden path!

I toyed with posting these poems for last week’s play-based learning post… until I remembered my dress-ups poem and Soapy Sid. But these were too cute to keep – so why not share them this week, instead? Poems inspired by gorgeous things my boys have said.


Sowing Seeds to Bake Buns

A four year-old was castigating Mother on her waste,
when throwing out the sesame seeds, in her clean-up haste.
He grabbed the bread roll packet and retrieved it from the bin,
still scolding, as he hunted for a pot to put them in.

His mother patiently explained, “We cannot plant these seeds.”
But laddie was intent upon his propagation deeds.
“Well how will we get more buns then?” the boy wanted to know.
“We won’t have more fresh buns if we don’t plant the seeds to grow!”


Toadstool in a Tutu

The little girl up on the stage, all dressed in glossy white,
was twirling on her slippered toes and prancing with delight.
Her tutu wasn’t made of tulle, all ruched with gathering,
but satin, stretched across a hoop – a flat and skinny thing.

A young boy in the audience was clearly quite entranced,
but baffled by the rigid skirt that quivered as she danced.
This mystery he had to solve, before it drove him mad…
“Is she a mushroom, or a toadstool?” asked the puzzled lad.


Tuna Schooner

I like shopping trips with my son.
He turns mundane chores into fun!
When buying tinned tuna
that featured a schooner
he cried, “There’s a boat in this one!”


The Editor

my boy edits
paper planes
the cubby house
a construction project
and a poem

he edits everything
that needs fixing
because mum is
a writer

Poetry © Kathryn Apel
All rights reserved

Matt Forrest Esenwine will be shining a flashlight on Poetry Friday this week, so click across to https://mattforrest.wordpress.com to share your links and light up your night (and day) with poetry. 🙂





  1. Kat, these are delightful poems but I simply adore the Toadstool in a Tutu. It reminds me of what my grandbaby looked like when I place her in a tutu over her onsie => “but baffled by the rigid skirt that quivered as she danced.”

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  3. Love each one, Kat. There are so many wonderful memories wrapped up in them. We adults don’t often realize how much the kids watch us: “he edits everything/that needs fixing” just like Mom!

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  4. So much fun!! I particularly love the little boy expecting a ship in a can. Reminds me of a story I read years ago about a brand of baby food that was trying to move into a new market. In one region there was a tradition of putting a picture of a jar’s contents on the jar itself, so consumers were confused and horrified to see little jars of puree with smiling baby faces on them! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • As you would be – in that context! I love that little poem – the memories and smiles it brings. (The limerick was the perfect format – because he was so excited when he made the discovery/announcement.)


  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwww, these are precious beyond words. The first poem reminds me of my daughter as an early reader, reading the packet for jellybean tomatoes. She thought we were growing jellybeans. Ever since, my garden has been called “The Jellybean Garden”.

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