Going Places With Books

It’s Book Week in Australia. A celebration of children’s books and children INTO books, as we ‘Escape to Everywhere’. Here are some things that had me smiling this week.

Bundaberg Library kicked of Book Week with a hugely popular celebration of books. Wonderful to see parents engaging with their kids in the rich and creative activities. Kudos to Bundaberg Library staff and volunteers!

I was Quiz Master at the Inaugural Year 9/10 Readers Cup event, hosted by Gin Gin High School. Mrs Glenda George did a great job instigating and organising this. Congratulations to James Nash High School, Gympie, who took home the medallions. Winners were grinners – so that means all teams were winners! #smilesallround

The quickest of quick lunchtime poetry workshops (20mins) – was met with much enthusiasm – and wonderful results!

Enjoyed a morning of reading and book talk with kids at Coral Coast Christian School. Spot-on observations about bullying and friendships – and the importance of kind words. Lovely kids and staff.

Talked poetry with kids at Clermont State School via Blackboard online. Technology is a great thing – though truth be told, I much prefer engaging with kids face-to-face to gauge their reactions and understanding. But this was a wonderful way to make a poetry assessment task *real* for kids, as we analysed some of my poems, identifying purpose, audience and literary devices employed. Great bunch of kids – and teachers!

Received a letter from a book character – in REAL LIFE! I was delighted to hear from Tahnee-in-Year-Two (like Tahnee in Too Many Friends) from Western Australia – and her Mum and Dad! Thanks to a ‘darling’ teacher for connecting us.

So of course I had to send some friends to Tahnee-in-Year-Two; a friend charm, a shape poem, and a template to write her own – and one for a friend, of course!

Met with my Text as Art buddy, Adrienne Williams, to chat about possibilities for our collaborative art installation as part of Crush Festival/Write Fest 2017. (Loving the retro gallery walls in our pic.) The #TextAsArt project will be on display in the Bundaberg city precinct, Bourbong St, for the first two weeks in October. Yay!

I’m sure I’ve missed something – but I’ve probably consumed enough of your time (and megs!) already. Hoping that you’ve enjoyed a snippet of my week and my world – and even caught a glimpse or two of my words. The week of wonderful will close on Saturday, with Let’s Go ‘Boating’ Under the Bridge, a free community event which promises to be interactive, imaginative and a whole lot of fun, inspired by the book, ‘Who Sank the Boat’, by Pamela Allen. More information at widebaykids.com.au. If you live anywhere near Bundaberg, you should be there!

How wonderful to celebrate a love of books and story with others. And a love of poetry! It’s Poetry Friday worldwide, and Jone’s collecting links so Check It Out! (Thanks, Jone.) Next week it’s my turn to host the #PoetryFriday round-up. Eeeep! Guess I’d better make sure I get that linky thing working – and hope to see you here, then! 🙂

I knew I would forget something… and I did! How could I forget this exciting news?!

I’m thrilled to share that I’ve been awarded a May Gibbs Literature Trust Creative Time Fellowship in 2018 – to spend 1 month in Adelaide working on some poetry projects. Sooooo excited about this! I’ll be sneaking in just before the winter freeze. (I hope!!) Huge thank-you to the MGLT for their faith in my projects.


  1. Hurray for Book Week in Australia and your fellowship award. Enjoy the time to create. Talking about creations-your image poem is fun as it flies along with the gulls. Would you consider offering it for my summer gallery, Sunkissed Summer, Kat?

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  2. Oh wow this post is like a big bunch of red balloons! Yay for all the happy news… especially about the real-life Tahnee and the fellowship to work on new projects. You are living your poem! Thank you for sharing with all of us. xo

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  3. Good grief, Woman, do you ever sleep? I smiled through every scroll-down’s worth of all this inspiration & celebration. The good energy pulses through all these pictures. I know your involvement helped these events be such a success. CONGRATS on the fellowship – can’t wait to hear about that next year, after you’ve had time to savor and reflect, of course!

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  4. Wow, what a week! Congratulations for your award, will be a wonderful time I’m sure. The week seems so full, but also quite inspiring. All those poets writing and the letters, too. Thanks for sharing all of your amazing week!

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  5. Oh, my goodness…what a wonderful week. Your heart must be wonderfully full. I love the celebration of books shown in your photos. I agree with Robin’s question….when do you sleep? I especially love the letters from Tahnee. What an experience to read those and know that they are from readers who have read your work and are impacted by it. So cool! Thanks for sharing such special joy. It’s made me smile.

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  6. Thanks so much for all the comments. It was such a lovely week – and fun to share it with you all. Never fear, there was plenty of sleep, Robyn & Linda. 😛 And even time to get some PBs out on submission, too. (Wouldn’t it be nice if something came from that!) And Boating Under the Bridge was fantastic! I am so impressed by the different groups who are coming together in Bundaberg, to promote literacy, creativity and play-based learning in the early years. And wonderful to see all the support they are getting from community members – and families with young kids.


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